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Ankama VS water Eca

By milordDen May 21, 2013, 08:01:22
New rebalance to water Ecafliplaugh

We expect these modifications to enhance the tactical aspect of the game, and improve coherency

....I'll just leave this here

p.s. I think Ankama opinions is Eca have to be painwub
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More like Grou, vs All support classes
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Eni is the favored support class and probably always will be just because they are ankama's heal baby :/
we were told water ecas were gunna rival eni's in the healing department but it didnt happen...
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I wait a year for water ecas to be improved and now they get nerfed again. What gives?
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+80% build up water damage, fleahopper heals not effected by enemy resistance and up to scatch base increased, with the damage per ap staying pretty much the same on the spells that had cost modifications. Am I missing something, because other than WS and precision, you just got buffed, not nerfed.
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Before, water Eca relied a lot on Ecaflip Die for critical hit damage. Now the damage boost from WS is exclusive to the Fire Eca.

Fleahopper's damage reduction due to decrease in AP cost is approximately correct (26 - 9 = 17 for -1 AP cost). However the crit buff reduction is a huge nerf (7% to 3%).

The Flealine Army's damage buff is quite difficult to achieve max stack. 5% per flea hit up to 80%. In other words, 16 hits. If you spam Flealove (not the glyph) and fleahopper, it will take about a bit more than 3 turns to get. With the buff in DPA (damage per AP) of Rough Tongue, it's very encouraging to not use a Flea spell. Yet again, after all the buff, the damage output is still nothing outstanding.
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Dmg reduction in Fleahopper hurts. It has a 3 cast per turn limit. So your maximum heal goes down tremendously. I hope the buffs to water make up for it. Haven't tested anything yet.
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Oh its 3/turn... whoever made that change is a complete idiot then, I hope that gets changed, water ecas need to be able to heal properly.
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Its not 3 per turn.
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It's not 3 per turn, but it still doesn't make this branch any better.

Fire branch got a huge buff (yet again) - with my set, raising fire damage a little as well, I was able to easily outdamage my hits in, well, water-centered set after all, while using water branch spells, gaining a HUGE bonus from the dice passive. What do we got? Oh yeah, a new passive that forces you to spam your weakest spell, that cannot heal SHIT without the raised critical damage from the dice. A passive without raising your crits, MP, AP or giving random positive effects, like the dice and cards do. Nice work, guys.

You should have made fleahopper stronger. By far. The heals are nowhere near as good as they used to be - it's like you just don't take into consideration that by changing one passive (like the dice), you should accordingly change the damage of ALL spells. Water ecas strongly benefited from the dice, for the first time in history being able to actually do some nice damage, and yet you managed to take that away. You always say you want to make all passives equally (or at least nearly equally) good for all classes - then why would you make dice (or the cards, for that matter) so one-branch-centered? Hey, make it give 1% CH per 2 levels - I admit, it deserved a nerf, but the extra damage bonus should have been left unchanged. Or nerfed, but still useful to all classes. Fire branch and raise winning strike with the spells a lot faster, so it's not like they won't benefit the most from this mechanic anyway.

I still think you should make ecas a bit more like they used to be, self-sufficient tanks, that could survive pretty much every situation. Fleahopper should deal more damage (additional range would also be nice), flealine army could have another effect (heal-over-time for every level of the passive? Resists, dodge, ANYTHING) and raise even more damage, lick could use another effect (+resists for the caster, +critical failure for the target?), hunter could use a little more damage (with a damage over time effect, possibly? Like a bleeding wound), since most mobs go around it anyway, the jump is fine, but compared to other branches and considering there's no dice... yeah, it could use a little more damage as well. Love's fine, although I miss the old glyph mechanic. It would be interesting with the cheaper fleahopper around.

There were so many ways to make this branch interesting and efficient, and yet to managed to ruin it - making literally every other secondary healer better. Play water masqs, people, even they are more fun than this class. :C

EDIT: great, you've made me seriously consider going fire. That's something I've always thought I would never do. You guys are the best.
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