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Need help with spell rotation on Ecaflip

By HikariYo May 16, 2013, 04:36:02
I already know what I should level stat wise. I'm level 5 by the way.
Was going to go all into crit until level 30 (because at lvl 30 you get a free respec right?) and then when I did the reset I was going to put those characteristic points into AP, then range, then the rest crit.

For the spell rotation idk what to use.
Some people say "Loaded dice + craps build" or "Die alright roulette build" idk what either of those are, I assume the first revolves around only those 2 spells and the second revolves around those 2 spells.

But is there more to it? And why would I use loaded dice and craps only when right now I can do 1 D6 and 2 craps in a single turn?

Am I missing something here?

Also what skills should I level?
At the moment I was focusing on maxing Ecaflip Die first because iunno it's a dice support buff and I thought it went well with fire because fire is based on dice >.>

After that I was goin to max Eca Precision. I like the bow meow because I think it's cool but oddly enough I don't know what it does at all and iunno if it's worth leveling or not. Help meh please :c
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Whenever your winning streak changes amount when it is above 70, you get 1ap 1mp back, this is probably why loaded dice is recommended, it's effectively 2ap at that level of winning streak, while being decent before that level. Also bear in mind that gear later on gives ap so at later level you might have ap amounts that suit loaded dice better than D6, there is little reason to use that combo on 6ap though.

If your going with high crits, your die alright and roulette will be a lot stronger than a low crit build, Die alright is very good when it gets its rebounds, capable of doing over 3000 total damage over 3 or 4 targets at max level, I'd recommend that for when you have WP to spare, but keep options for longer fights if you use it. Roulette is good as a close combat option and for when it has area of effects, but it isn't very reliable without high crits so whether you raise it to a high level or not would depend on that, a 10ap build double critting this in aoe is devastating however. Roulette is a good spell to use if you can't attack or are on low hp since it heals for a small amount on a crit.

Craps is a great spell, the cost makes it easy to use to get a cheap kill and it can do damage way beyond its cost if your lucky, it does however use mp so I would recommend statting one if your going to use the spell a lot, so that you dont drop too much mobility for it. Loaded die and D6 are both useful as a reliable source of damage that doesn't use wp, mp or have a 50% chance of healing them, I wouldn't say you would need both though, so I'd choose the one that suits you better, considering one is 4ap, has an extra range and a 1/6 chance of an extra hit and one is 3ap, usable close combat and will either buff or debuff your next hit.

Hope that helps you understand the positives and negatives of the spells better, It's your character so use what you find to be a fun and effective combination, they're all useful in different ways.

Black bow meows effect gives you winning streak (the same bonus you get from ecaflip die) whenever you crit or kill an enemy when you are within two cells of it, making it very good on long fights, fights verses summoners or any fight where you have to stall.

Thanks to the recent revamp we now have more useful supports than we have ability points, so any out of ecaflip die, precision, black bow meow, tarot (debatably), feline leap, paws off and roll again are good, with cat tree also being a great choice if you are into PvP.
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