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Fire Eca?

By OctoKayy April 26, 2013, 03:20:47
So I decided to roll an Eca today, and I'd like to go the route of Crit Fire. I've NEVER played an Eca, so I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing or what I should be going for. Any help would be appreciated! Preferably from Veteran Eca players.

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On a standard build & considering current flealine army bug, I recommend these abilities:
- Max precision
- Lvl 1 Tarot
- Max Black Bow Meow
- Max Ecaflip Die
- Max Feline Leap
- Max Rollback
- Either max Cat Tree or go 6/9 Cat Tree, 6/9 Paw Off

Go for a Loaded Dice + Crap build, instead of Die alright or Roulette. This is quite an end-game build as you need all of those skills to beat the odd. At around lvl 80-90, a Dark Hurl set will greatly boost your potential.

Edit: Stats wise, it's +1 AP, maxed Critical Hit, then +1 Range or
+1 AP, maxed Critical Hit, the rest to Intelligence.
tarot card must be 9lvl
Why Tarot? Isn't that for Earth Ecaflips?
Just because Earth Ecaflips profit more doesn't mean its useless for the rest. At max you've got a 50% Chance to either get 2 AP, additional Critchance or the abilitiy to heal yourself through damage. Oh, well and that charming hairy pestilence...
Oh come on, all REAL fire ecaflips max double or quits and Eca die first :3
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