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Fire Eca?

By OctoKayy April 26, 2013, 03:20:47
So I decided to roll an Eca today, and I'd like to go the route of Crit Fire. I've NEVER played an Eca, so I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing or what I should be going for. Any help would be appreciated! Preferably from Veteran Eca players.

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On a standard build & considering current flealine army bug, I recommend these abilities:
- Max precision
- Lvl 1 Tarot
- Max Black Bow Meow
- Max Ecaflip Die
- Max Feline Leap
- Max Rollback
- Either max Cat Tree or go 6/9 Cat Tree, 6/9 Paw Off

Go for a Loaded Dice + Crap build, instead of Die alright or Roulette. This is quite an end-game build as you need all of those skills to beat the odd. At around lvl 80-90, a Dark Hurl set will greatly boost your potential.

Edit: Stats wise, it's +1 AP, maxed Critical Hit, then +1 Range or
+1 AP, maxed Critical Hit, the rest to Intelligence.
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tarot card must be 9lvl
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Why Tarot? Isn't that for Earth Ecaflips?
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Just because Earth Ecaflips profit more doesn't mean its useless for the rest. At max you've got a 50% Chance to either get 2 AP, additional Critchance or the abilitiy to heal yourself through damage. Oh, well and that charming hairy pestilence...
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Oh come on, all REAL fire ecaflips max double or quits and Eca die first :3
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