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[Water Ecaflips] Community Thoughts

By ZeraKoN - MEMBER - April 21, 2013, 23:11:52
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shooopy|2013-04-30 13:11:39
hesinde|2013-04-29 15:03:36
Arguing with idiots who can't do simple math because they are underage and only see 300% damage zomfg is pointless. The problem is the devs cater to these idiots. I really like how he considers 300% damage bonus overpowered when iops get a free 100% and osamodas get 1 free ap, 1 range, 50% damage and resist. Oh and a revive. Yup, this game sure is balanced.

You see this is why the devs don't take anyone seriously because of senseless child negativity that people say on the forums... You think 300% damage compares to 100% lol? Iop are suppose to have that damage because they barely have range and they're the warrior class. When osas revive they barely have any hp to deal with. The classes are never gonna be balanced because of the diversity so stop complaining.
I'm not sure what you are trying to say here, they are not compatible because that300% damage costs 12ap. 12 ap is more important than 300% damage if you already have 300% damage or more from other sources. look to my post above for proof.

The Iops 100% stacks with the spells it uses that also do damage and it lasts forever. The Iops bonus if far stronger.

I would say that ecaflips die is stronger than all of them though.
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I have no idea how a passive that can raise crit to 100% and increase crit damage by 200% was ever allowed into Wakfu. You might have an argument if Eca didn't come with Precision, Leap, and Tarot dmg bonuses.

My Earth Ecaflip (Fire would be even better at this) is all I need to kill Moowolf. Get him down to 2,000HP and just hit him once. DoQ that first hit, Battle in my case, until it's dead. Worst scenario... you heal Moo and try again next turn. Because he's healed you don't have to worry about lightspeed.

This simple strategy is fairly effective on most bosses that have an annoying big attack when low on HP.

I'm going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

To the OP, what's wrong with Water Ecaflip you ask? They're not Fire or Earth.
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Ecaflip re-revamp

These are just my ideas for a more flexible and luck based water eca that also meets the criteria of being a decent healer.

Water Spells

Rough Tongue --> Lap it Up
CC Damage/ Heal, the name is obviously optional. For the ecaflip to be a decent healer it should be flexible. This close combat heal is fairly powerful for it's low cost and the critical bonus is there as an incentive to build the eca as a crits based fighter. After all this class is a gambler, it also encourages more multi element builds in my opinion thanks to it's low cost but decent utility. Can also be cast on self.

2 AP
Effects Critical Effects

When cast on enemy:- 2 -> - 31 HP When cast on enemy: 3 - 46 HP
When cast on ally/self:+ 2 -> + 31 HP When cast on ally/self: 3 -46 HP

Chance to 'splash' - Deals/heals 30% damage/heal to
lateral spaces

Up to Scratch
I like the introduction of up to scratch into the water branch a lot. It's given my Eca a lot of mobility and deals fairly decent aoe damage. Not very awkward in my opinion.
Good as is

Hopping fleas, it's in the name. For an increased cost and slightly reduced damages/ap. I believe this is justified by the rebounds and the critical hit bonus which has been significantly raised. However it is dependant on ecaflip's die. CH is given by die roll*2 adding another random aspect to the class.
Range 1 - 3, Modifiable, 3/turn
4 AP
Effects Critical Effects

Steals 3 - 34 HP Steals 5 - 51 HP
3 rebounds of - 40% 3 rebounds of - 20%
+2 - +12 CH to allies in CC of target + 3 - +18 CH to allies in CC of target

Hunter --> Fle(a)e!
Range 1 - 4, Modifiable, 2/turn
Throws out a cloud of fleas to both sides repelling allies and enemies alike
Good for positioning and support as well as getaways - Could just be to one side but the eca needs some aoe love and this is that branch. Again Ecaflip's die is used to determine resist reduction.

Effects Critical Effects

When cast on enemy:- 4 -> - 50 HP - 6 -> -70 HP
When cast on an ally: Gives an armour that has Gives armour - same effects - Attacker's
similar effects to paws off and lowers the resist: -6% -> -36%
attackers resist : -4% -> -24%

Flea Love
As is….
Increased damage? (maybe asking for a bit much :wackosmile
Return WP when cast as Flea
WP lost for Fleeches
Heals for Total damage done * .2*dice roll
Divided among allies

Flealine army

Increase Heals by 40%
When Fire/Earth Spell cast (0 -> 40%)
Procs Flea Hopper (max 2 times/turn (for correctly boosted damages please))

I'm not to sure about WP management though. Earth and Water Build would be quite difficult if using Flea love or 'rolling again' to get better cards and die. This seems to favour Fire/Water as is sleep
Perhaps fleas could return WP when dealing fatal blows or for every flea spell cast gain x levels in some status that returns a WP when level100 or perhaps some functionality within the bow meow summon, as it is relatively squishy now and is much more beneficial to earth ecas than any other branch.
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I preferred the old water spells.
(except the garbage that was Flea Bag).

The new stuff is neat in usage

buggy but fun, Definitely cant heal myself as well as before, dmg is about the same grinding solo wise, really dislike the range on Up to Scratch.

And back to Earth.

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I'm no where near the multitarget life-drain tank i used to be pre-patch, but i do so much more damage in more ways and have fun being a disrupt against mobs.

Also, we need some water/lock sets please :V
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Looks like all the fun is being drained from Eca die now sleep.

No room in wakfu for hybrids
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