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Ecaflip Revamp

By #[Troyle] April 08, 2013, 16:04:55
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smallz117|2013-06-10 00:31:48
I will say that the way fire ecaflips are at the moment, with how their spells are, are certainly overpowered. I have a level 94 Fire Ecaflip that is prancing round in ebony scara, crobak monocle, macabre axe, hurl bp and epps, and boowish boots. Within a matter of a couple turns I can shoot myself up to 400% fire damage easy and have about 70% crit chance. I am the squishiest thing alive, but i dont have to worry about that thanks to how hard I hit(especially when i get the Flea Tarot card).

With only 220% fire damage initially at the start of a fight and 8ap, I can easily see my damage ranged from 300(my worst) to well over 3k(my best) against mobs with about 70% fire resists. And when I say worst, i mean literally no winning streak, god ougi, no crits, and no positive procs from my 1 D-Six and 2xCraps. 300 damage isnt too bad for the situation of gear/ap/damage I am at atm for a 'bad turn'. But the fact I can turn 3k damage on my own, not even in my most absolutely best circumstances, is what is absurd. Also, I dont DoQ unless on a non-7 craps.

And there are other Ecaflips out there that are even better than me (obviously) That can turn out higher damage than that against Frigost creatures. I mean, you could easily balance them by changing 1-2 spells a bit (like removing the damage bonus on winning streak :V) and they would then become much more balanced. But to say that the Fire Ecaflip is NOT overpowered is something that is just hard to believe in my opinion.

Earth Ecaflips I can understand why you might say they are not overpowered, since you can more often see their worse hits and less often see their better hits. I meant the "Overpoweredly broken" part to be meant for fire only, but since i still consider Earth to be a bit overpowered, I accidentally dragged it in with Fire, that was my bad. I still think they need 1-2 very minor tweaks to better balance them for their damage, but they are certainly more balanced than Fire Ecas. I just think they still need some slight changes.
You see good earth hits more often technically, they are 50% chances, with fire spells they slightly lower curve with a 1/6 chance of being extreme or 50/50 without crit.

But anyway, i think that either winning steak is too easy to get up with the cat, or the max damage bonus should be reduced to 100%, because if we removed it fire would be getting no bonus at all.
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wtf.... man...

-110 fire dmg...
CH: -164 fire dmg and 15% rebounds...

CRAPS (min dmb... but... not always...)
-21 HP (-63 HP if dice total is 7)

0 powerfull spelll...
i think heal dont improwet too...
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