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HP or Chance?

By Dyemond#9295 - MEMBER - April 03, 2012, 01:56:52

I'm currently a level 56 Eniripsa and before the update I went full HP with my ability points. Now that the skills have been reset, I'd like some feedback on whether I should pump HP again or do a balance of HP and Chance (2 HP points for every 1 Chance point) Also I'm currently a support/water type, if that helps any. smile 

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All points into chance or invest in 1ap/1range.

HP on Enis is stupid.

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Do not, I repeat, do not put points in hp. As for how your points are spent, it really depends how you're trying to build your character and what your goals are. At your level you should be healing for around 200 if you're a group healer or 350+ if you're a single target healer each a turn. If you're not healing for that much, your character is built wrong and cross your fingers they give a respec eventually.

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I currently have only a point thrown into AP (forgot to mention that earlier) and I'm assuming I don't heal that much because my water skills are only ~ level 30's (spent too much time balancing the other trees purely for resistances) Currently, I'm only throwing water spells out and with a wisdom set on I should be able to get them up to where they need to be.

Is there reasoning behind why I shouldn't put points onto HP? With Constitution maxed, I get around 500 HP (working on getting the Woolly set so I'm eager to see how that changes with all my pieces on)

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Because as a support Eni you shouldn't be getting hit much, if at all. There's even a spell that ignores LoS so you don't need to be in los of enemies.

Most people either put it into Chance to increase their burst for the start of the round before people get hurt, or AP/Move/Range. Or wisdom if you want to cheese a point reset.

It especially doesn't make sense to get hp when you can just heal it all back and then some.

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I agree, atm i see no reason to spend ability points on HP. The higher numbers an Eni can put out with heals means more HP healed in long fights and more burst dmg.

The additional HP healed from putting stat points into chance/ap will surpass the bonus gained from HP after a few turns(not doing the math on this). Plus, as stated above an Eni can sit behind the front line fighters and do their job. I can see many other ways to build an Eni and not one of them involves points into HP. I suppose it makes a Super Coney heftier... is that useful?

I prefer to get stuck in and take a few hits for my team. The HP lost from those extra hits disappear at the end of a fight from Constitution and Invigorating Word.

Everytime I mention Invig in a post I'm going to curse Ankama for letting this spell stay bugged for so long. Currently leveling another heal spell it's so frustrating.

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