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Water spells to choose

By AggroHound - MEMBER - March 18, 2012, 22:31:26

So I'm curious. Back in OB x2 Invigorating word was the way to go, with the bounceback heals, or Revit+Healing word if you wanted to solo as a water eni. Now with Invigorating word bugged and Fortifying word as it is now, would it be better to level fortifying word (even with the mp loss) for maybe x2 fort and bigger damage or is it better to stick with invigorating and hope for a fix soon? I really liked Invig, but the lower damage and the fact that its bugged has we wondering...

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Narrow down how you want to play with each combo. With an 8 AP build here are some PROS and CONS.

x2 Invigorating Word

PROS: Rebounds to you and all nearby team mates for consistent heals through out the battle. Builds Hygiene for +% heals over time.

CONS: Low scaling heal compared to Fortifying Word and Revitalizing Word (max 45 heal at level 100) and the spell is still bugged.

Revitalizing Word + Healing Word

PROS: Revitalizing Word is the best scaling heal, it's an AoE that can be used to damage (Unnatural Remedies) adjacent enemies and heal adjacent allies. Healing Word makes a great filler with the extra 3 AP and builds +2% Hygiene so you don't lose your buff.

CONS: Revitalizing Word does not build Hygiene for extra % heals in extended matches so you must cast another water or fire spell to keep Hygiene, does not benefit from +Range (always stays two range), cannot be used to heal yourself.

x2 Fortifying Word

PROS: Second strongest heal, doubled, making it stronger than Revitalizing Word + Healing Word. No Line-Of-Sight so you can heal even with obstacles. Benefit from +Range. Superior single target heals and can use to heal yourself.

CONS: Single target heal. -1 MP per heal means you will mostly be stationary for this combo. You will sometimes have to replace one Fortifying Word with an Invigorating Word or double Renewing Word if you want to/have to move.

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