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A few water zombie questions

By reiry February 11, 2012, 00:31:55

Which heals should I be concentrating on? Most of the guides I see suggest to only concentrate on leveling two skills, and I've heard various people mention using all of the first 4 heals.

Also full hp is regarded as the best pvp build for just about every other class, but I see a lot of Enis going chance. Is this a staight up trade off between a pvp stat and a pve stat, or does being able to heal make chance decent for pvp as well? Will going full hp make it noticeable harder to level?

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Eni's going full or mostly Chance is kind of a countermeasure against other classes.

If everyone else goes full HP, then they'll be doing less damage but have more to peck through.
If the healer goes Chance, then the amount healed to damage done ratio will be in the favor of the Eniripsas party. There are some cases where, and really only a few cases, you'll be pouring more HP back into your party then the other team deals out on average and basically become indestructible.

That's how I've always seen it. Feel free to correct me.

If you're going all Chance though there is one thing that I know for certain. Find a regular party as soon as possible. When going all Chance the Eniripsa becomes a Glass Cannon. Combined with Unnatural Remedies bonus and the frequent 100% Heals bonus, they can hit the enemies hard and make basically any class into a tank.

Sadly it means you can't take damage for your life. Literally. Leave the rest of the party to kill and a full Chance Eniripsa is pretty useful in my book?

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Are you asking for advice on Water Eni PvP? Because I think you have a serious misconception there... Water Eni isn't really PvP material ever. Even in team fights, no class has a taunt at this point, so someone will be able to pick you off regardless. If you want to play Fire or Air Eni PvP that's different.

If you want to play Water Eniripsa, you will use one elemental spell. Either 4AP bounce or 5AP cross. If you are soloing rather often, bounce. If you will always have a team of friends and can afford to get 10AP with gear without too many negatives to +heals, then go cross.

The most common build out there for water is to get 8AP, double bounce heal +zombify. And when you're out of wakfu and they aren't dead, you should have an astro or something like it.

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