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By February 24, 2011, 04:07:12

Well then. Everyone who reads this has played the Enirpsa a little at least. Some are frustrated with the abilities they have and the lack of potential. Yes it's true that the class is weighed towards a tanking bend. What with Itsade mark and abilities that heal you as well, effectively lowering overall damage to you over time thus having more health = meat shield. Tank infers the ability to hit hard too. So what of the healing abilities? Well. I went the path of Super Coney. A lot of people said that it didn't work. Na.. Works just fine for me. The issue with this is that it's a little late in the match that you are going to get a coney out and then you must make it super before it is truly effective. Currently I am at lvl 32 coney mark and lvl 4 super coney. I do about 35 damage with the spell and with 7ap build I can use fear flask if I don't move but one square along with it. That's close to about 50+ damage a turn, not that great for damage concidering I'm lvl 45. However, My Coney when I cast Super coney on it turns into 100 health and heals 33-35 a turn. Every turn. I then have a stick.. gives me +1 command. I make two coneys. (granted at this time if you have a full party the fight should be well decided.) with two coneys I'm healing 70 damage without taking up any of my ap. Then I get to do my healing. that's over 100 a turn. That is significant healing. Yes the coneys can't be controlled but generally do an alright job of healing those who really need it. Priority goes to me of course but after I'm in the green they will move and heal my team mates with a very nice range on their healing ability. And I have the capabilities to have 3 Coneys.. But I find that I don't need 3. 2 is good enough. And they like to stick near you, make moving walls. each with 100 health.. They don't die so quickly. The healing mastery also goes towards improving the coneys heals.
The only issue with this is.. you have to have more enemies to kill to make coneys. I could be killed by one tofurby (at a point in time) but not by one tofurby and a tofu baby.

So then. That which I find to be actually decent enough for a damage buffer.. Since if one could reasonably heal all the wounds, then well three of them in a group and no one would ever die... I think they are just fine.

But the patch made super coney not work at all. So I'll wait till they fix that. smile

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I thought Super corney should use only one round....thats why i did not advanced...

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