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Eniripsa Spell Ideas

By - MEMBER - February 17, 2011, 19:00:17


WATER/HEALING spells are pretty good, and as far as pure healing goes, they're pretty versatile! They seem just a -little- too limited and weak, though. Buffing each one in its own little way would be nice (especially to make them a little better at their little niches).

Also, I maintain that Word of Healing needs to be at least kind of equal to Revitalizing Word at lower levels u_u

AIR/ATTACK spells are pretty weak. Replacing them with spells which are more focally AIR/DEFENSE/DEBILITATION would serve to make the Eni a little more versatile, more interesting, and hopefully (see below) not really that much weaker in combat (they're already kinda weak in combat, not to say that they shouldn't be!).

Exhaustion and lock or dodge debuffing seem like they'd be valuable to and befitting of the Eni.

FIRE/MARK spells don't deal much damage, and are near-pointless to level (4 of them are, anyway). If their damage were to be buffed somehow, they could take the place of the current AIR/ATTACK spells that the Eni has in terms of offensive capability.

~ read some of the posts below for more details.


1. I've thought things over but I'm bound to have made some stupid thoughts along the way so please point out big errors : D

2. I've (almost) never played Dofus

3. Hopefully ideamaking like this is not looked down upon for whatever reason

4. Okay let's go (summary at bottom)

WATER: Focused on healing - tons of people complaining about how weak the heals are
AIR: Focused on attacking the enemy - seems like an awfully strange collection of bland abilities
FIRE: Focused on post-death effects - seem like a total waste to level :/

WATER / HEALING IDEA: As a class, the Eniripsa seems to have a lot of reasons to soak up damage. Both multi-heal spells are likely or guaranteed to heal yourself, there are THREE 'support/specialties' made ONLY to heal up the Eniripsa and nobody else (plus constitution but that helps allies too), and it all seems rather... pointless. 
So, inspired by a few of the Eniripsa's spells from Dofus (I was doing a bit of research), why not have more powerful heals that damage the Eniripsa? Even just one reliable such spell would certainly appeal to those who want to be better at healing - or at least better for a while. A good candidate would be: swap Word of Healing with Renewing Word, and add this self-damage-but-more-effective effect to Word of Healing. Change names where necessary.

AIR / ATTACKS IDEA: I guess I can't say a lot here. People seem fairly pleased with the choices they have available to them and while I'm not convinced they really match the Eniripsa as a class orbited by ally support and healing, they do a good job of providing a few attacks. It'd be nice to see some more variety, though, like the useful attack + sometimes utility of Fear Flask. Also, where are the buffs? ):

FIRE / MARKS IDEA: The biggest problem is that (as far as I can tell) there's no reason at all to level any of these marks, because they have the exact same effect until the end of time: they scale with your enemies' HP, WP, AP, HP again (I think the Coney's HP is based on the marked enemy's HP?), and overall power (renewal) -- rather than with your own power or mastery of these skills. That's kinda cool, but it'd be nice to feel like the effort isn't wasted.
Oh, and the AP-stealing spell is pretty worthless as it is; it should at least steal MAX AP, not half of the current AP, all of which tends to get used up... It takes a whole turn to cast anyway, making it a bit easier to use couldn't hurt.

In general, the idea is: either make marks more useful as they level up, or give a reason to use marks over and over again.
So: Have MARKS apply a special mark (e.g. 100% HP steal instead of 50%, 2 turn revival, & automatic super coney or something) on critical hits. In this way, re-marking an enemy several times will be worth it for the chance of applying a critical mark. In that case, the damage bonus will have more meaning!


WATER: Word of Healing and Renewing Word are very similar. Switch them (2AP heals is fun) and replace Word of Healing with a spell that self-damages but heals very efficiently.
AIR: They don't really have a theme I can bounce ideas off of. Didn't come up with much.
FIRE: Mark bonuses on critical hits, to give meaning to casting a mark over and over.

WATER PROBLEM: Not enough healing speed?
AIR PROBLEM: I think they're kind of boring, and not characteristic of the Eniripsa's otherwise life/death-related abilities.
FIRE PROBLEM: No reason to level (scales with enemy instead of with spell level)
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I can't help but feel that some of the air branch skills are underpowered. Pain flask has a 3 AP cost, similar to thunderbolt, but does 10 less damage than thunderbolt at level 100. That's almost a 25% damage difference, and Enis don't even get skill like amplification and compulsion. I do understand that Enis aren't supposed to be major damage dealers, but it does seem kind of unfair that my levle 36 pain flask with 86% efficiency does less than my friend's level 25 thunderbolt with 100% efficiency. Eni's air spells also seem to get the short end of the stick for status infliction probabilities; Cras and Iops have significantly higher % rates for their status application skills.
Water, on the other hand, seems like a decent tree that tends to focus on healing in several situations. Healing seems fine other than just a very minor buff.
Marks are kind of disappointing since they're mainly used for applying marks rather than the damage and thus, have no benefits in leveling them, excluding coney mark. It's disappointing how my level 20+ marks have about the same viability has the level 1 marks.

The whole critical idea seems neat at first, but then there might be Enis that specifically center around building criticals and critical gear which doesn't quite fit the Eni idea.

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Water, on the other hand, seems like a decent tree that tends to focus on healing in several situations. Healing seems fine other than just a very minor buff.

This. ^__^

Currently, Word of Healing heals a base 23 at level 100. I'd like to see this jump up to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30-32.

Invigorating Word just needs to work in conjunction with Heal Drain. It could maybe stand a 1 or 2 point boost, but it remains the most effective healing spell in groups, and would return a ton of HP to an Eni with high Heal Drain.

Revitalizing Word would be amazing if it had range 1 (but not boostable). Then you could stand next to a monster, use Counter Nature on it, and deal damage while healing all adjacent opponents. You could also heal others more reliably, at a distance of 2 rather than 1, though it may still be tricky to place without healing monsters in a big fight. Otherwise, I almost never see this spell get any use at all, and that's a shame.

Renewing Word should remain one of the weakest heals, to balance the efficiency of it's 2AP casting cost, but I'd like to see it rise to a base of about 18 or 19 at level 100, instead of the mere 13 it boasts now.

Word of Recovery needs a boost in range. It is an emergency spell - the one you call on when someone is critically injured, and/or behind an obstacle. I think that emergency use can be improved to include healing allies that are further out of range. The WP cost helps keep it balanced in PVP. Maybe range 5, instead of the current 3?

As for support spells, Eniclean obviously needs to actually work, and it badly needs to be castable on yourself. (Eni, clean thyself!) Unfocus could use a range of 0-1. And I'd like to see Explosive Mark (which is kind of garbage) replaced with a Revive with a varying AP cost (starting at 6, maybe ending at 2), 2WP additional cost, and a strict limit of one cast per target, per fight. Revived targets should return with a varying % of their total HP restored, based on the spell's level (maybe 5% at 1st level, up to 25% at level 4).

Super Coney should probably be a passive, though I can't really say as I don't use my coney much.
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I think Renewing Word needs to be not so much better than Word of Healing at lower levels ):
(or, inversely, healing needs to be not so much worse than renewing)

But the water spells in general do seem pretty good :3
Those changes would certainly be welcome ones.

The air spells -should- be weak, at least in damage terms. However, that lends to it feeling like a total waste of an element when it could be used for something else (like these AP boosts people are talking about -- that sounds awesome).

If the whole air branch were to be scrapped and mostly replaced with states (some beneficial for allies and other negatives for enemies?) then the fire spells, the mark spells, would suddenly and magically become valuable to level, being your only damage output (not to say other things shouldn't improve too; it's downright silly how the Coney Mark is the only one whose actual mark effect improves with your level)! ... I don't know how their damage compares to the flasks, though, and I might just be thinking silly.

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Yeah, I like the idea of air spells being more debilitating than damaging. I tend not to comment much on air and fire, as I haven't played them as thoroughly as water, but I think the concept of water being about heals, air being about defense/debilitation, and fire being offense makes sense to me.

An air spell that inflicts the exhausted state or something similar (-% dmg) would make sense. Perhaps one that lowered dodge or tackle, too. Stuff like that.

I'd be interested to see fire damage go up, as it makes sense in combination with the mark effects, which requires the target to actually die before they're useful. I think the greatest weakness of the fire branch is that the marks are useless in a 1vs1 fight, unless the enemy summons.

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OH NO. The internet ate my post. ):

FIRE / MARKS :: Could do something as simple as, uh, +X% (could scale up from 25% to 50% or something) damage vs. enemies with the same mark. So: it pays off to mark enemies early, it pays off to NOT switch marks, and it pays off to level up marks for bonus damage. Note: Even at 50%, a level 100 Itsade mark would deal ~40.5 damage vs. the 43 damage of a level 100 Thunderbolt, which can also be used more freely (i.e. does not require the proper mark to be applied).

littlesummary :: Add to all Marks: "+25% (+50% at lv 100) damage if using the same mark". Numbers can be tweaked, but +50% isn't such a big deal (marks are fairly weak, damage-wise).

How's that look?


1. Exhaustion and Lock/Dodge sound great (: It's too bad there isn't... really a way to do Lock/Dodge so that you can make someone either slippery OR locky... without just splitting it into two spells. +Lock / -Dodge seems like it'd be much better in parties but totally useless alone, and vice versa for -Lock / +Dodge (although I suppose escaping does have its worth).

2. I think it'd be better if a bunch of these were damage-free and just had better state-inflicting chances -- as opposed to the current Air pattern of not-so-great damage, not-so-great %.

3. Eniclean could be moved to the Air Spells and made to deal damage upon removal of states (enemies only)! One state wouldn't really do much, but slap counter nature, exhaustion, plus some other allies' states on, and you can weigh the tradeoffs for blowing them all away for a big blast of damage? I think it'd be cool! :3

4. Counter Nature (or Zombify?) could fit too, if we need to fill up any more slots. There are a good number of states though (and maybe fear flask would still fit properly and other things).

5. I'm going to stop listing things now.

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The trouble is that Ankama has a policy whereby elemental spells always deal damage, and support spells do not. There were some exceptions in v2, but they eventually corrected them.

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