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Valvalin's PvP Focused Eniripsa Build

By February 05, 2011, 07:39:52

The Eniripsa has always been one of my favorite classes. The Ability
to heal yourself and allies, paired with decent elemental spells, will
make this class a favorite for years to come. But with its strengths,
also come its weaknesses. Here is my current set up.

///// Note
Power Level

The maximum damage output of a spell at Level 100. This also
includes amount recovered from healing spells. If an attack can be used
multiple times in a turn (When compared to a character with an AP stat
of 8) The Maximum output of those multiple attacks will be added
together. Giving me the general idea of which attacks were better for me
to focus on.

// Basic Info
Account: Valvalin
Character: Valvalin
Class: Eniripsa
Spell Build: 3-Spell Elemental
Focus: PvP / Balanced

// Numerical Shortcuts
[1] Infected Flask
[2] Coney Mark
[3] Word of Invigoration
[5] Counter Nature
[6] Eniclean
[7] Super Coney
[8] Unfocus

// Spell Break-Down
|| Infected Flask ||
Element: Air
Power Level: 64
1-3 Visible Range
AP: 6
Uses Per Turn: 1

+ Excellent Range
+ 15% To Cause Gangrene
- Too Much AP, Only 1 Use Per Turn

// Conclusion
A great spell and a must have in any Eniripsa's ***nal. I used to
just focus on Invigoration+Counter Nature to both heal myself while
damaging my foes - Using Coney Mark when enemies ventured too close. But
then I had to keep re-applying Counter Nature too often, and expending
Wakfu became a big issue in longer fights. Infected Flask solved this
issue, now I was able to deal decent damage in one turn. It's also sweet
when you apply Gangrene to your enemies, and it's range is very useful.
If the AP was 4, you could double-cast it when you have 8 AP at around
Character Level 60 [Which should cost 300 Skill Points to get, right?]
Too bad that isn't the case, you would have to have 12 AP to double-cast
- and that doesn't happen very often. Keep it hot-keyed at all times, and pray your enemy is weak against Air.
|| Coney Mark ||
Element: Fire
Power Level: 55
1 Visible Range
AP: 5
Uses Per Turn: 1

+ Coney Spawn Upon Marked Enemy's Death
+ Coney's Are Great Healers When Buffed, Especially If Your Eni Is Focusing On Offense
- Leadership Nerf, Only 1 Coney Out At A Time
- Poor Range
- Could Be Stronger

// Conclusion
Coney Mark is great if you play with other players in groups. This
is because you can mark every enemy, and if your allies defeat them, it
wont be long until a Coney joins the battle to help. Unfortunately,
Coney's are horrible unless buffed with "Super Coney" and even then they
are still pretty weak. Though in comparison to the other Eni Fire
Spells, this one appears to be the strongest. With my Eniripsa, I
primarily use Infected Flask and Word of Invigoration (Both to heal
& damage players/enemies) If attacking close range is not your top
priority, I suggest dropping it and focusing on other spells. Keep in
mind you may find yourself in a situation where you need a strong Fire
Spell, so it CAN be useful - just don't rely on it too much.
|| Word of Invigoration ||
Element: Water
Power Level: 68
0-2 Visible Range
AP: 4
Uses Per Turn: 2

+ Can Heal And Harm Multiple Allies And Enemies - Simultaneously
+ 2 Uses Per Turn If You Have 8 AP - Very Useful
= Average Range, Could Be Better
- Using Offensively Requires Counter Nature, Which Can Get Annoying And Wastes Wakfu

// Conclusion
One of my favorite Eni Spells. It's great for healing, and if you
have the Wakfu to spare, damaging enemies too. Though don't use it
primarily to attack, once your Wakfu is depleted - dealing damage is not
an option any more. (Which is why it's also good to have Coney Mark
& Infected Flask, just in case) Use it offensively when you have the
chance, and always remember that it's a great recovery spell.

[I accidently posted this in the United Kingdom / English forum, you may delete my old thread if you wish]

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