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An interesting take on the Eni

By February 04, 2011, 03:14:32

Starting the closed beta off right with a step into difficult terrain, I decided to go for the use of the status effects or 'states' mechanic (which I know is in Dofus, but not used like it is in Wakfu). With that, being said, the Air tree of the Eni's spells is what came to mind as a form of debuff character of sorts, or a manipulator. With some good damage being set in with the spells as is, a bit of range here and there and the knockback spell, it offers flexibility while not having to rely on other elements. I also have decided to pursue the final Mark on the fire spell tree, to further abuse the mechanic to my advantage.

How I'm set up so far:
-5 points into vitality (more of a preference, health is nice)
-Regeneration and Absorption will be maxed, for sustainability and usefulness
-Counter Nature for the flexibility, and it can potentially become useful against stronger mobs or bosses that heal themselves or others

Notes I've picked up on:
Madness as a state is very difficult. Sometimes, when I induce madness on my target, it will attack me, or pass turn. Other times, the enemy will attack it or ignore it completely. This may be an AI issue, or just how the state works
-The percentages of inflicting these statuses is tragically low, I critical hit more often than I induce any status, with the max % being 15% at the level 100 spell
Lethargy Flask is very underwhelming for 4 ap and 1 wp, The aoe is small for a powerful effect that rarely happens, and does little damage.
Fear flask is also underwhelming while having a 3 ap knockback is fantastic, the close combat range is disappointing, because the highest/most useful damaging spells have the same close combat range.
-Psyko Flask is awesome, and always a key part in my combo. I dislike using MP as a cost, but I can't argue with it if I don't need to move

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I like this. ^__^ It's pretty much what I'd do if I made an Air Eni. Air has some good damaging spells (for an Eni), and though the states they inflict have low chances of success, it's certainly better than nothing; they can be pretty debilitating when they do go off. I like Pain Flask best for reliable damage in close quarters, with liberal use of Infected Flask when possible, and Fear Flask as needed for battlefield control. Sounds like what you're doing, no?

Regeneration and Absorption are good choices, as they give the Eni a defensive edge that helps make up for their lack of hitting power. I don't think you really need to level Counter Nature, but it is handy to have in your spell bar for those times when you face healing opponents, as you say. Heal Drain is also really nice, especially if you partner with other Enis, or again when you face healing opponents.

I like it!

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My usual turn in combat is Pain and Psyko flask, they have the same damage but Psyko allows me to cast Counter Nature if I need to, which is very useful. The Zombification state is very powerful against healers. Infected flask is also used liberally, with Gangrene inflicting around 40 hp in a turn via poison.

I'm still working on Renewal mark, it's taking a while to get it

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