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Air/Water hybrid PVP build idea

By kraed April 03, 2012, 14:10:15

So I have been toying with this idea for a little while now, but I'm already level 78 or so with all my skillpoints spent so it's hard to test this build. ~Theorycrafting time~

Stat points: +1AP then full criticals
Skills: Unnatural, then full transcendence, then expert healer, then w/e after
Gear: High high high ini. Water damage, crits (last one is hard on water gear)

Turn 1: Do your normal zombie, 2x fortifying word then transcend. This should put hygiene to 54-58%
Turn 2: Hit them with a mark or weapon, then cast lethargy flask
Turn 3: Zombie, 2x fortifying word. By this point they should be dead.

With the right map setup, it seems to me this strategy gives you a 55% chance to effectively get 3 turns of free damage in a row without the enemy having a single opportunity to hit you back. 3 turns with fort word, high water gear and crits should be enough to kill anybody really.

I don't have a max level transcend though so I can't test this without levelling another eni to level 40 (which I'm not really keen on doing). Have I totally screwed up in my maths here or is this sort of build as viable and deadly as it seems on paper?

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Just a fyi, Shark set increases water dam%, crit chance%, initiative, perception and dodge all in one and is only a 4-parts set (hat, cloak, shoulders and ring) wink

You may want to change this on Turn 1 around: First Transcend and then cast 2x Fortifying word because then Fort word would get the bonus from Transcend's + heals as well, remember only air uses hygiene up, healing increases it.

Also, even with the hygiene from Transcendence your chance to inflict sleep with Lethargy Flask may be higher but it's still not guaranteed and don't forget even at 100% hygiene it isn't guaranteed because you also have to roll agains their chance to resist states (willpower), which isn't shown in their statistics so you can't even tell what their chance to resist are. And you can only use it to aoe for crowd control once, because it uses up all the hygiene you have.

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The idea was for 1v1 pvp... aoe is a null issue for the most part.

I like the idea of casting transcendent before fort word. You lose out on 5-10% chance on the sleepy, but gain 60% damage bonus for one turn.. might have to try that out.

Shark set I had before and it's not terribly good. It has a lot of +crits yeah, but it's severely lacking in actual water damage and HP, so it's hard to justify using (also I find it really ugly in general). Also it's only a level 40-45ish set, and I'd be looking for something much higher level.

Also I've never met a person in game that puts any points into willpower at all, except for some xelor builds and they're generally easy to beat anyway. +Willpower is raaare on gear and when it does come it's usually on weak water gear so nobody uses it anyway. I'm not even convinced willpower works to resist eni skills, since they don't seem to be boosted at all by willpower either.

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Shark set is only 4 parts so you should technically be able to fill up what the set lacks with the remaining 5 equipment slots and a weapon though, in your case HP and more water dam% then, especially if they combine for some of another set's bonusses.

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