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Eniripsa VS Masqueraider. which is a better healer/support

By Fuzzyboysandhuggybois#2334 - MEMBER - November 14, 2021, 05:30:38

so I've been playing for a while and just got back into the game. I am currently trying to see what class is a better healer and support I noticed that Masq has a lot of flexability, and gets their rez sooner, and rezs others with more hp than Eni. I know it ultimately comes down to preference but I would at least like to know other people's thoughts

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Eni is a better healer, but masquaraider can also position and give armour

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eni much better healer . and more convient   but masq is like a jack of all trade . all depends what u like tbh and whats ur team

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In Wakfu, Support doesn't necessarily mean Healer.

Eniripsas are amazing healers,they got every heal you might ever need: from 2 -6 AP, delayed, regeneration, passive heals through massacuring&sadistic marks, heal absorption. They are good at what they do but their Support side is very lacking when compared to a Masq: they lack a good positioning spell, armor, an inmediate resistance buff, a res debuff, things that a Masq can do at any time and are very appreciated in Dungeon to speed up the runs

Masq on the other hand can do both Support And Heal, and even if they are some APs short they can always rely on their clone to extend their plays.

It is true that it depends on the situation but if you are looking for a class that can provide heals and support (positioning,resistances, armor, mobility) I'd say go for a Masqueraider

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How should I play masq debuffer after new patches where I need to use mask to debuff? While I am aware how broken masq was before the nerfs, I'm unsure how to keep up with WP cost If I use both main masq and clone to debuff.

My current idea is to just keep main masqueraider as pure support, while the clone uses up WP to debuff resist until it dies, so i can re-summon a new WP clone.

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Usually our team will have an Ecaflip or Feca on deck as WP battery for the Masqueraider who is Mask- and Sarabande-intensive 

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