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Eniripsa buff/revamp proposal

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - April 21, 2021, 03:51:10

With the current state of Wakfu's healers and off-healers, Eniripsa is sort of lagging behind. Although it's mechanic is straightforward, its also very limited. The debuffs take too much time to apply (requiring propagation), the buffs are VERY limited and it relies on raw healing, something that becomes less and less efficient because of the healing resistance throughout the battle with current Endgame direction being surviving and avoiding large damage, something where Masqueraider and Sadida excell with their heavy Armour overheal that essentialy grants ANYONE an HP pool of 150% with no mitigation whatsoever, Eniripsa's healing is on a ticking clock even with Sadist Mark under Unnatural Remedies and Regeneration to mitigate the effects. So, with the acquired knowledge from this forum and my own ideas, here is an Eni revamp buff in mind:

Unnatural Remedies:
  • Automaticaly unlocked in battle on the third spell bar.
  • Costs 1MP, range of 0-3, can be used once per turn.
  • Cast on self: Activate Unnatural Remedies status
  • Cast on Allie: Gives 1MP

  • Automaticaly unlocked in battle on the third spell bar.

Water branch
  • Healing, Fortifying, Invigorating and Renewing Words no longer require Unnatural Remedies to diferentiate damage and healing, being solely based on the target being ally or enemy. Revitalizing is purely heal because its AoE.
  • Under Unnatural Remedies, all healing spells now heal by 40% their full value and also give Armour Health. Revitalizing Word's AoE is reduced by 1 cell.

Fire branch
  • Mostly Unchanged, their effects are still very good and require the UR to separate their effects otherwise they would be too powerful.
  • Small changes: Traid Mark does not lose it's radius and Sadist Mark's effect is in its AoE under Unnatural Remedies.

Air branch
  • Fear Flask pulls enemies and allies under Unnatural Remedies
  • Propagation overall is GONE! The secondary effects of the flasks are now applied per use and also balanced accordingly.
  • Pain Flask now applies 15% of Incurable and 15% of Crumbly per use. Limited to 2 uses per target, 3 uses per turn.

Active Spells
  • New spell: Angelic Wings
  • Cost: 1MP, 1WP, fixed range of 1-3 cells in a straight line, requires no line of sight.
  • The Eniripsa is teleported to the targeted cell. Removes 1MP of any enemy caught within the radius.


Pixie Dust
  • Spells from the Air Branch leave a glyph of "Pixie Dust" where they land. Allies that start their turn on it gain 50 Elemental Resistance, Enemies lose 75 Elemental Resistance.
  • -1 Range

Alpha Karoten
  • Conney Can be summoned immediatly as Super Coney
  • Spell now costs 5AP (remember that summoning Super Conney technically costs 7AP)

Happy Assistant
  • Healing Word, Renewing Word and Invigorating Word become an AoE of 1-cell Square when targeting the Super Conney
  • Super Coney loses 10% of it's Health everytime it happens.

Emergency Aid
  • Eniripsa gives 50% more Armour Health
  • Allies gain 30% Crumbly for one turn.
  • +200 Healing Mastery

Flight Boost
  • Angelic Wings's range increased by 2
  • Cost changed to 2MP

Divine Words
  • Healing under Unnatural Remedies reduces Heal Resist by 10% per AP spent.
  • Armour given reduced by 100%.
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If almost every support class can give armor, what is the distinct? Well, I would prefer overflow health happen can reduce heal resist% directly instead. 

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Because Armour is much more effective but never something EXCLUSIVE. Either a support gives armour (Masqueraider and Sadida) of a DPS/Tank generates armour (Foggernaut, Sacrier, Ecaflip, Ouginak, Huppermage, etc) so its not something unique, plus the endgame also balances enemies with either a ton of damage (that makes too much healing inviable as you would build too much resistance too early) or armour-ignoring damage (which negates the purpose of armour, requiring more healing) and overall it makes the battlefield somewhere you must use both! Only Sadida and Masqueraider can help you with both armour and heals, while Eniripsa have to muscle through with raw heals and a team with a lot of resistance.

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There is a lot of really, really good stuff here. I agree with you that one of the issues is that armor is more effective at the endgame than heals because of the heal resists. I do like the idea of Eni being able to put armor on people under Unnatural Remedies, however I'd also like to see the heal resist mechanic changed entirely, because heal resist is a problem for all healing classes, not just Eni. Basically, I think the heal resist mechanic at endgame fundamentally favors shielding classes over healing classes, and therefore needs to be rebalanced. 

My understanding is that heal resists exist for PvP, to stop endless PvP fights where some classes can just heal all the damage back, rather than for PvM, so maybe heal resists can become a status that only gets applied during PvP battles. That wouldn't solve the problem that shields are still more powerful than heals because they give you a 150% healthbar, but at least it would put healers on more even ground over long fights.

Also it is worth mentioning, from my old days of playing Dofus years ago the way they balanced heals vs shields was using "Erosion". Basically any incoming damage permanently lowers your max health by a small percentage of the incoming damage, even if the incoming damage is fully prevented by a shield. So it doesn't matter whether you are a healer or a shielder, both support archetypes suffer the same Erosion mechanic as each incoming enemy hit lowers max health a bit regardless. I don't necessarily agree with that approach either, but I figure it's worth mentioning as an example of how this games predecessor created a mechanic that didn't favor shielding classes over healing classes.

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I really like the idea of heal resist being something PVP only, sounds much more fair to us. Either that or Heal Resist could be something that can also decay or to set eniripsa apart, instead of UR healing giving shields, it PERMANENTLY decreases heal resist little by little. You heal a little less, but you decrease the heal resist as well. That gives me an idea, check the latest passive biggrin

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