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Enis need a rework. Unnatural Remedies is holding the class back and it needs to go.

By Aqualad#2072 - MEMBER - April 19, 2021, 21:08:20

Enis are powerful healers, Unfortunately, heals alone don't cut it these days. Eni support and damage potential is inefficient, if not lacking compared to other classes like Sadida and Masq. It's high time that changes. In my opinion, a big problem with Eni gameplay is Unnatural Remedies. It forces the Eni to waste time casting a spell that costs MP in order to do what is already built into the skills of other classes.


Heal / Damage : Both Sadida and Mask heal allies or damage enemies automatically depending on the target of their spells. They don't need to cast a spell to switch between healing and damage, so why should Eni?

Buff / Debuff : Similarly, Sadida and Mask are able to harmlessly buff allies and damage + debuff enemies automatically depending on the target of the spell.

With Earth spells, Sadida can harmlessly apply armor to allies... or damage + steal MP from enemies automatically. With Air spells, Sadida can harmlessly reposition allies + buff ally damage... or reposition enemies + deal damage automatically.

With Fire spells, Masq can harmlessly apply armor, buff ally damage, and give allies flaming... or damage + debuff enemies automatically.

In some cases, Sadida and Masq AoE spells are able to differentiate allies from enemies, and apply their effects accordingly. Three examples from Masq are Capering, Manhunt, and Sarabande. Allies in the AoE will get positive effects (heal, armor, elemental resist) while enemies will simultaneously get negative effects (damage, -WP).

Meanwhile, Eni needs to cast a spell and blow MP each time they want to switch between healing + supporting and damage + debuffing.

Unnatural Remedy: At the very least, Unnatural Remedies should be shifted into a Passive in like how Sadida has Harmless Toxin. Eni should get more Passives like Masq's collision specialties that modify and enhance their gameplay that revolve around three things: Marks (fire), Words (water), and Flasks (air). An example of this already exists within the Eni class in the Massacuring Mark Passive.


Eni is a "Burst" Support without the Burst : Eni feels like the Bomber Rogues of support, and this does not feel good. With the Mark system, some support effects are only released when the target dies... kind of like how a bomb explodes. Likewise, the air branch relies on building up arbitrary amounts of Propagator, and releasing it with Unnatural Remedies. In either case, the "detonate" effects don't feel that impactful. 

Coney vs Dolls vs Double : Lastly, the sheer amount of things Dolls + Double can do vs Coney is pitiful.

I have more thoughts, but I'll leave these with you for now. What do you think?

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I personally don't mind Unnatural Remedies. It is nice to be able to toggle on different effects for the spells as it makes Eniripsa feel a bit more interesting than just "cast the same couple spells that are the most AP efficient, over and over again".

I agree that the Mark spells are kind of lame. Some them could theoretically be quite good with  the new effects they gain with Unnatural Remedies turned on, but the numbers are not great. I'd rather see some of those Unnatural mark effects turned into new passives, like convert a percentage of your immediate heals into delayed heals that trigger automatic regeneration over the next couple turns, or perhaps a new passive that allows the Eni to turn overheals into armor. And some of the mark's  and class skills should become automatic "third bar" spells IMO like other modern class reworks have done. 

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I'm glad you enjoy Unnatural Remedies even if I don't. I like your suggestions to give Eni the obligatory "third bar" spells. My initial thought was Unnatural Remedies and Coney, but I do really like your idea of having the Mark spells auto unlocked on the 3rd bar, and having them cost WP instead of AP. As you say, this could really open up Enis efficiency... spending AP to heal, and spending WP for marks.

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In my opinion, Eniripsas is the most player-friendly and versatile healer class in the game, they have a wide variety of spells, heals of all costs, crazy WP regeneration and dmg reduction combos to prevent K.Os.

That being said, I agree that Unnatural Remedies cripples the class and is an outdated mechanic that should be either revised or delivered in the form of a passive (more dmg at the cost of heals). Having to swap between modes in the middle of a battle more than once in the same turn along with taking care of your own positioning while avoiding map hazards can be annoying at times and feels very rigid.

In general, I feel that the class is due a rework, you can clearly see that some spells are starting to accumulate dust. While, yes, the heals are high, it lacks support variety, something that I hope the addition of new passives will solve.

The is just 1 thing that I'd like to clarify though. I think that the marks on normal mode (except for Sadistic Mark) are very mediocre, but on the other hand the Marks under Unnatural Remedies are pretty good, specially Refund and Here Marks. I'd like to see this aspect reinforced but with less conditions and restrictions.


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Yeah I agree, the unnatural marks are really nice. The only problem is their high AP cost which makes them generally inefficient to use compared to just directly healing allies and spending any extra AP on buffing allies with unnatural revitalizing word.

I'd love to see the marks as "third bar" spells that are enabled when you turn on Unnatural Remedies, and have them cost like 1 WP, not AP. That way the playstyle would be "build up WP with your healing actions, then dump extra WP into marks".

Right now if the fight is tough and requires a lot of heals you will likely just spend all your AP on direct heals and there won't be any AP left for marks. If the fight doesn't require much healing you might occasionally use a mark like Refund mark, but still the better usage of 12 AP is almost always to cast Unnatural Revitalizing Word on a couple people to boost their damage by 20%.

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Well I assume that they will get some new mechanics in the passive rework, but even if they don't replace UR (which I hope they do because it's super annying to use), it should definitly be move to the 3rd bar, since it's a spell that literally any build will use

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I think two good changes would be move Unnatural and Connie to the third bar and give a fresh new take on the UR mechanic.

First, Water Spells should definitely work as suggested, damage enemies and heal allies on the same use, with the exception of the AoE heal as the radius is too large to aim it with precision and it would be quite overpowered. Unless it loses the enemy damage once you equip Mass Charm, with that, UR can give water spells a NEW effect, such as perhaps granting armor and buffs. I think a fun idea would be convert them to the Softboiled Dreggon's "kiss", where you gain armor and when your turn starts, you're healed. Just to be something more original.

As for the fire spells, I think they are in a fine position, they have some good effects, and their UR effects aren't half bad either. Keeping them separated by UR feels more balanced. Although the Wakfu mark should NOT lose it's AoE radius under UR, its not that powerful to lose the multiple targets.

I think I'll write a complete Eni revamp and post here, you guys tell me what you think there smile


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If they don't change Unnatural Remedies, they should at least add an indicator for it, ideally in the left of the health, like other classes (Huppermage, Sacrier...) have their passives. It’s really painful to waste seconds looking for the icon on the buff list; or checking the particle effect that won’t trigger half of the time, and is very similar to certain debuffs.

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I am ok with UR for fire and air, but water should for sure change. UR becoming third bar seems almost a given if it's not removed.

One small movement spell would be nice too. If not on Eni itself, maybe more unlockable spells on coney via a passive could be good. Higher lvl, having super-coney cost 7 ap with not many useful spells is sadly often not worth it in comparsion, unless you messed up with positioning. It's weird that a class with wings has no movement spells. It always forces me to take mass charm in dng where mobility is needed, or I have to take masq instead.

If you want to use the effects of air spells, you are also almost forced to use the passive for it.

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