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Eniripsa Level 170 Air/Water Distance and AOE Build (Support Build 11AP/6MP)

By Specialname - MEMBER - June 27, 2020, 08:44:54
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I do something simmiliar very at lv100.  Infected Flask has a single-target dmg-ratio for 5AP yet is a 3x3 AoE spell which is great to hit a lot of dudes in dungeons. though at my level I mix in fire as well with Massacuring mark, I think the value from finishers with it is too great of a boon to miss out on. 

Myabe when I'm higher level triple-ele/AoE+dist gear is harder to come by ill switch to duo-ele. but I think I won't. Fire spells with massacuring are too awesome of a part in my build. I do take both DMG inflicting Passives, Transgression and Carnage, along with Mass Aid ofc and Massacuring mark. I'm going to be dropping Carnage out later for smth else, like R2 Expert Healing.

I don't run currently any of the revival spells/healing spells, I rely on Coney to do the healing because I have like minus 50% healing done, lol. The only spell from water I use is Revitalizing Word to have access to a Aoe/Dist-powered Water-type spell which is very handy to capitalize on niche weaknesses or occasionally stomp undead dungeons. I switch up the spelldeck a bit depending on the content im doing but it's mostly the same. 

Fear Flask and Here Mark are both fairly high profile as they let u get out of Lock-jams with pushing some isolated targets back or getting a lot of Dodge for 1/2AP. Higher profile is ofcourse the same spell you run, Sadist Mark. It's really frkn good. 

The best damage you can get out of eni I feel like definitely involves lining up a lot of enemies in the same AoE fire spells,(or mark them then with Fire then kill them with Air/Water) more often than not it's Sadist mark doing heavy lifting, that dope spell applies the mark on the ENTIRE line it hits so all the Marks can proc Massacuring Mark on death to cause chain detonations, can't wait to get Rank 2 Massacuring Mark and Rank 2 Expert Healer along with the 5th passive slot.

Another fantastic spell I always run and is honestly same profile as the best spells like Sadist Mark is Hammle Mark. It's NO-Sight needed fire spell but its biggest utility comes from it's secondary ability to do +Flaming. I don't play withg Heroes but my Astrub Knight is EARTH dominate, so it gives you access to converting your 5AP intervals in a fair conversion to AoE EARTH damage, giving you access to all 4 elements to take advantage of weaknesses. This also works on Coney for WATER AoE if you dont have line of sight to hit REvitalizing ward. Both coney summon and Hammle dont reqire sight, they also prob deal more damage, AoE is bigger of Flaming(bigger the + circle of Rev word) if u can get a low HP Coney/SK to die to proc on-death Flaming instead of Turn-start flaming.

There are honestly too much great spells in eni's fire and air branch to not run both. At lv 125 when Refund Mark gets the 2AP instead of 1AP upon kill resets it becomes top1/2 of the strongest spell in terms dmg/cost, this is even with considering the 20% AIR dmg inflicted from Propagance. also Massacuring mark makes it so your fire spells get 5/10%(Rank 1/2 Massacuring mark) damage on the first spell inflicted, the +dmg inflicted is applied before your first Mark spell even hits the target.

I'll be doing my best to try to convert to tri-ele or just distance of later levels for those reasons. 

I do have Transcendence on my deck though, mainly because I was messing with the infinite uses you can put on Coney a bit for testing, lol.

A long time ago I was trying out the x2 Melee skill. I think it would be kinda worth running since it would be sick Damage value for 2 AP, if it really did x2 your melee damage, but it adds 100% dmg inflicted, meaning that if you already have like 140% DMG inflicted, it won't go to 280% for ur Melee attacks next turn, but only increase by another flat +100%, up to 240% DMG, so not double. At this point it might be too much of a hussle/gimmick to try and work for not big enough of a benefit

Invigorating Word will be a good addition later aswell when my build converts to pure Dist/tri-ele from Aoe/Dist. Good for last stand 6 turns after all ur allys/SKs died and ur alone with a weakened boss and a few enemies remaining while ur healres is still close to 0 to finish everyone off like a 1 man army warmonger

Altough.. I imagine that at your level bracket Eni is forced to relegate more into a healer type of role due to how her class and game dynamics work later in higher lvl fights. So I trust your build is the one made from accumulated experience with high level content and you reached the conclusion that it's best to run 'this' and 'that' and more of supportive abilities/build in the spelldeck.

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