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Rhodes' Damage Eniripsa Guide

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - November 27, 2019, 17:38:24

Hi everyone!

Are you an Eniripsa disciple searching for independence? Do you prefer being the one punching the enemy? Do you want to see terror on your enemy's face as you take advantage of their death? Well look no more, today I bring you a guide (or more like a gameplay) on how to improve your kills and spam spells at low cost.


  • Good Area damage and control
  • Constat refund of certain ressources
  • Independence
  • Good survaibility
  • Pasives that reinforce your damage

  • Some spells might be lineal and rigid to use
  • Certain turns require specific combinations
  • Eniripsa's positioning isn't the best
  • Depends on MP points to release some effects
Let's start!

 Big picture, the core of this build is to Reduce the cost of your spells and playing stratigically. Using certain combinations you can nullify the cost of some spells and even get AP back when killing an enemy IF you know how to manage your ressources and states. This is mainly done in the turn 2, so preparation is important by: Grouping up enemies, marking them and accumulating Propagator.
How is it done?

This is achieved by combining 3 important elements: Refund Mark, the Relic Rune Yeah and the Sublimation Back.

Why this combination and what are the effects of this elements?

Good question. Let's see their effects first:
  • Refund Mark: This mark gives AP to allies who attacked the target before their death. From level 120 onward you get 2 AP.
  • Back: This Sublimation, stacked 2 times, let's you get 2 AP back when you kill an enemy.
  • Yeah: This Relic Rune refunds you 2 AP on Pair Turns (2 - 4 - 6 - 8 and so on) when you cast a spell that has WP cost (such as Lethargy Flask). The downside of this rune is that kind of spell on Odd Turns you lose 2 AP, the good part is that Eniripsas don't have a lot of spells that cost WP so it is a safe choice here.

As a side note, Refund Marks counters the AP lose from Yeah on Odd Turns.

This 3 elements let's you get up to 6 AP back when you kill an enemy this means that:
  • Get can get a free cast of Lethargy Flask Pair Turns
  • Get can get a free cast of Fortifying Word (during Unnatural Remedies)
  • Refund Mark becomes a powerful finisher with a base power of 150 and a cost of 2 AP.
Deck Code: 645-1539-638-1534-1532-625-630-1542-1541-627-1538-5623-1537-5144-5455-1536-644-5454

Fire fire
  • Refund Mark (6 AP): The main nuke of the class and a strong finisher. This mark will be the one that's gonna be dealing the damage and killing off enemies on Odd Turns ( to trigger it's effect)
  • Sadistic Mark (3 AP): This along with Invigorating Word will be the main healing spells. The heal of this mark is based on you Fire Mastery and not your Healing Mastery, which makes it ideal for a Damage Eniripsa seeing how some of the passives lower them.
  • Traid Mark (4 AP): Decent area damage. You can trigger a WP regeneration when you kill an enemy with it, not a very useful effect seeing how Eniripsas 4 spells that cost Wakfu and how you will constatly generate Grace (replenishes 1 WP when the state reaches level 100) by marking enemies. Under Unnatural Remedies it gives you an HP regeneration for 3 Turns which triggers the damage buff form the pasive Transgression. Not a bad spell to have on your deck.
  • Here Mark (2 AP): Extra damage at low cost. The main utility of this spell is to quickly and easily mark an enemy to chain explosions.

Water water
  • Fortifying Word (5 AP - 1 WP): Water nuke. Base power of 150, decent range at the cost of versatility.
  • Invigorating Word (4 AP): Strong self-heal and a must have on your deck. This spell steals the 100% of the damage done on an enemy, this spell can really turn the tables of a fight. Since the HP steal depends on you damage, the self-heal doesn't take into account you Healing mastery which is great.

Air neutral
  • Fear Flask (1 AP): Positioning spell. It pushes back the enemy 1 cell and generate a small amount of Propagator. This spell let's you group up enemies and make sure the explosions hit them.
  • Lethargy Flask (4 AP - 1 WP): This spell is awesome. Low cost and decent damage which increases with each level of Propagator. It causes extra damage when the Disease is released.

Active spells excl
  • Unnatural Remedies: Core of any Eniripsa Build. It lets you to release diseases and turn heals into damage.
  • Mass Charm: A decent positioning tool. It can be cast on your Cooney to attract enemies to itself and make sure you damage them on with your area spells.
  • 12th spell: Personal Choice. It depends on the fight tbh. Trascendence usually does the trick on every fight letting you "time-out" enemies for 1 turn and making sure you finish them off on the next one. Other solid pick is Coney.

Passive ph34r
  • Massacuring Mark: Core Passive of the build. This spell increases your damage when you attack a marked enemy and make them explode when they die hitting enemies around them and healling your allies. If a marked enemy dies by an explosion it also explodes (this is why Here Mark is important)
  • Mass Aid: Area Mastery
  • Expert Healer: More Range
  • Carnage: More Damage
  • Transgression: Damage and Resistances. It lets you get a damage buff when you heal yourself ( Invigorating Word excluded)
  • Master Propagator: Increases your aire damage with every level and adds additional damage when you release a disease.

excl Intelligence
  • Elemental Resistance
  • % Amor Health Points
  • Health Points

excl Strenght
  • Distance Mastery
  • Elemental Mastery

This way both single-target and area masteries are increased.

excl Agility

Personal Choice. I like to go for 20 levels of Initiative and put the rest on Dodge, but Initiative depends on whether or not you have your own team or go alone. Starting the fight first let's you contribute early with marks for your team and prepare moves for the next turn.

excl Chance:
  • % CH
  • CH Damage

excl Major
  • AP
  • MP
  • Range
  • %Damage Inflicted

As for gear... I personally don't have any preference and I'm still building it up. What I do have noticed is that having 13-14 AP is crucial to maximize the combos and make sure the sinergies are kept (specially if you use the sublimation Save)
The main move is to group up enemies and chaining-up explosions. When I say chaining-up explosions I mean marking critical targets that, once they die, will damage their allies around them. They are bridges. A critical target would be something like this:

x = Normal Enemy
X = Critical Target. The one that will carry the mark and explode
_ = Separation

xXx  = In this case, the best play would be to spam Traid mark on the middle target and try to finish it off. The explosion will damage the other 2 and, best case scenario, kill them. If you need a strong attack to kill the middle enemy, try using Refund Mark.

x _ X _ Xx = In this case, depending on the situation what you want to do is to focus the mark on the middle targets and kill them so the other 2 on the corner get the explosion damage. You can vary and use Mass Charm on one of the critical targets to deal area damage on 3 enemies using Infected Flask or Traid Mark.

The gameplay around the turns it usually goes something like this, it may vary of course depending on the situation:
  • Turn 1
  1. Apply Refund Mark on a critical enemy and lower it's health (ideally one that you can kill the next turn)
  2. Apply Here mark on additional targets
  3. Use Traid Mark / Infected Flask to hit a group of enemies. If possible, try to prioritize the flask over the mark to accumulate levels of Propagator.
  • Turn 2:
  1. Use one of your WP Spells to finish off the carrier of Refund Mark. If you do, you will get a free cast of the spell and even get AP back.
  2. Keep using Refund Mark to finish off enemies from Turn 1. The cost of this spell should be 2 per death.

and then repeat the strategy.

It doesn't sound too hard to do tbh. The main "issue" is to manage your AP to maximize the damage, predict the enemy's movements and make sure they are where you want them to be to trigger the effects (easily said than done).
What other Sublimations can I use to improve this gameplay?
The rest of the Sublimations that you will use depend on the way you gear up your character and covering your weaknesses BUT despite of what you do there are a few that I truly recommend:

Back II: Gives you 1 PM whenever you kill an enemy. A nice complement for Back I. It nullifies the cost of Unnatural Remedies and gives you additional Mobility and refund of ressources.
Save: Thanks to Yeah, Refund Mark and Back I, you can constantly get 2 AP back after certain actions. Save has a pretty nice sinergy here letting you save those 2 AP for the next round. Aim for 2 stacks of this sublimation.
Lenght: This sublimation increases your damage by 5% up to a maximum of 15% when you deal damage to enemies aligned to you. Since Fortifying Word and Lethargy Flask are both spells that must be cast ina straight line, this Sublimation gives them a nice boost.
Personally, I love using Sidekicks. I like leveling them and trying new combos, that's why on this section I'd like to suggest some of them to you to improve your gameplay and make it easier to do your job.

Hyppolyre: My favourite. It can replicate you damage, the heals that you receive, position targets in an incredibly good way (you can even keep them on a loop trading places with each other) and Revive allies. Awesome support

Trank: High Lock and can retain enemies from escaping by removing some of their MP. Since you need to keep the enemies close to each other to trigger the explosions, this tank does the job.

Krobax: This sidekick has high mobility and can move enemies around better than the rest and in a more direct way that Hyppolyre. His only disadvantage is that his main mobility spell Cyclone consumes WP under the Souitch state and, surprise surprise, Sidekicks can't regenerate WP.

Protoflex: A wall. It can lower the resistances of the enemy, generate a decent shield and resistances (even better paired up with Hyppolyre), receive damage for you and has better mobility than Trank and Treacherose. Solid Pick.

That's it folks! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. If you have any question about it don't doubt to leave it on the comments down below and I will try to answer them. Suggestions are always appreciated. I will try to update this guide as I found new info and ways to improve the gameplay.

See ya next time!

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No one is interested in this wonderful guide ? Well i am !

>Is this build somewhat playable while leveling or sublimations are mandatory ? What would you consider then ?

> Is this build strict pve or can u tweak it to pvp with ? If not is damage eni playable in pvp ? I'm thinking about it before starting one .

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It is totally playable. You need to be strategic about what monsters you mark and when you finish them and remember that on odd turns you will lose 2 AP if you cast a spell that consumes WPs. The mandatory elements are the sublimation Back and the Rune Yeah, the other ones stated below in the section "What other Sublimations can I use to improve this gameplay?" are optional BUT complements the build greatly. I wouldn't recomend it if you are a low level player though, because Yeah and Back can be expensive and you also need to roll equipment to get the right slots too.

This Build is more oriented to PvE. You need to kill to get ressources back. On a 1vs1 scenario, you wouldn't be able to trigger the Sublimation Back and the secondary effect of Refund Mark, while on a 2vs2/3vs3 fight it would take some considerable amount of time to kill an enemy player and trigger the full effects of the build.

Remembet that the more enemies there are, the better.

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Amazing guide, thank you for it! Perhaps you have similar guides for eca, cra of feca? Just curious if someone has some up to date and yours. 

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Score : 1691

This... This is absolutly... 

Delightful! As person who goes builds that are bit well of the charts im gona take core concept of this thanks! 

Altho i will keep my hammle there for my rogue since my eni goes1st and hammles and my rogue uses hbb buffed pierce! Everything dies in massive aoe! 

Inc my rogue coz hbb but sacrifices must be made for the rule of cool! 

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That's an awesome combo! Eni + Rogue can be a pretty deadly team.

Thanks for your support.

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As an eni player I think this is a very cute strategy, sadly most of the lvl 200 mobs have specific ways they wish to be damaged
the aoe from marks rebounds on roxors, dormor mobs are too specific in how they want to die
hitting dreggons and not oneshotting them is catastrophe 
Blight mobs would be problematic with line of sight
pandala mobs are bad to focus with multiple allies

that leaves ethernal mobs and potentially the sadida mobs.

Your damage combos are interesting to say the least, nice details. However Refund mark has the same damage ratio as Fortify, 6 ap vs 5 ap 1 wp while triple lethargy trumps this, the idea behind your strat is solid but its sadly not very practical vs straight up hitting a target or just using another class to damage. Next update will see all classes getting new passives, hopefully Eni will get some lovetap in the form of passives that will let them damage.

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There are a lot of cases where grouping up the enemies is a bad idea, for those cases all you just have to avoid using AoE spells and Massacuring Mark and that's it, , you don't even have to touch the main core of the build which are the Sublimations and the Relic Rune because they are transversal to any spell you use (except Yeah which requires a spell that costs WP to trigger it's effects). If the enemy gets stronger/triggers a special effect when it receives AoE damage, then don't use AoE spells and focus on ST damage and triggering Yeah on Pair Turns.

If you read the "Stats" section, I suggested a Distance/Elemental Mastery build,  precisely to deal with that kind of situations (seeing how punishing the End-game can be, specially to AoE characters). You are free to use ST/Area spells to deal damage and kill the enemy according to the situation because your main stat will be Distance Damage which means that you can do well as an AoE or ST damager.

Concerning to the damage ratios, you have to see the tiny details that make every spell special. Refund Mark can't trigger "Yeah" but you can easily get 4 AP back if you kill the target regardless of the number of the Turn. On the other hand Fortifying Word can trigger "Yeah" lowering it's cost to 3 AP/1 WP (or even 1AP/1PW if you combo it with Refund Mark) but it can only be made on Pair Turns. Lethargy Flask has a good damage, but you need to stack Propagator to ensure the highest damage possible. It is more about the combos rather than examinating every spell on it's own.

The Deck that I suggested is one that has been useful to me in most of the content of the game BUT it is a suggestion, you have to adjust it to your own playstyle and the content that you are doing.  It do works on Zinit and the other 199 levels below.

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You don't spend points in Healing Mastery?

You wrote %CH and CH Mastery only, no Healing mastery. Why?

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Because you want to go for the highest damage possible. The passives Carnage, Transgression and Expert Healer already gives you a strong debuff of -55% heals performed which is a lot. Your main sustain comes from killing the targets that are carrying Sadistic Mark and summoning Coney, both of this spells don't rely on your healing mastery but on your Elemental Mastery which make them great tools for a Damage Eniripsa.


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I'll just wait for an eniripsa rework atm,  runes rework just messed up my Single target build. Do you think Air/water with ST still good? 

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Air/Water is viable but if you want to maximize your damage you need to use some fire spells along with the Massacuring passive spell (remember that the explosion deals chromatic damage). I'd recommend you to add Here Mark to your deck to quickly mark enemies before deleting them with the big AoE of Infected Flask. iirc infected flask only releases its dissease on the central target of the spell, so that's the enemy you should focus your mark on (if there aren't any others around qith low HP).

ST is decent but personally I preffer Distance mastery so both of my AoE and ST spells can deal good dmg. 

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Score : 2

This still viable?

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I would also reccomend Sublimations like Alternation II, Wakfu Infkuence (20% crit if you start your turn with all your Wakfu), Vitality Well (up to 30% more health theft which I believe applies to Invigorating Word) and Smashmouth (first hit removes 20% of total armour)

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