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Eniripsa Characteristics?

By Static- - MEMBER - July 20, 2019, 10:52:28

I recently got power leveled to lvl 37 and have a bunch of points to spend. Any tips for a water/ fire build? And maybe just tip in general, cause Im really bad.

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1. max resistance - rest max hp (armor optional)
2. max distance mast, then ST ( if youre an ST build eni) but if you finds aoe heal suits you, go general mastery after maxing distance mast.
3. max dodge
4. max crit, then max heal mastery, but at that level i suggest to not take crit since the healing mastery bonus is kinda big for that level (maybe start putting crit kn lvl 100)
5. ap, mp , range, resistance (or resistance first then range if your team doesnt have tank) < follow the order each time you can put major stats

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Max HP(so you can Coney heal your frontlines better with a Pure DAMAGE with Negative Healing done build, as Coney healing isn't affected by minus HealDone from taking DMG passives), put like 1~2 points in Barrier
Max Distance, then AoE or General mastery
Max Initiative. Then rest to dodge
Max Crit Chance, then Crit Mastery
AP, MP, Range 

This is what I did and I hardly think there's a better alternative until way up later than going Dist/AoE pure damage with 20 pts in Initiative. I'm currently 101

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