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Condensed Guide to Enis

By SuperSovereign#9306 - MEMBER - August 07, 2017, 11:06:37
End game build (and spells):!MB
Spell Deck:

Healer (For use in Wa wabbit, Moon,  Zinit 2 and Zinit 3 - You shouldn't need this deck elsewhere)
- Replace Massacuring Mark for Regenerator in when necessary/in boss rooms.

Damage Deck (For everywhere else. Rely on coney and sadist mark for healing.)

If eni is your main, go with the damage deck and prioritise air/water. Otherwise, you can let your eni be useless for the early areas and focus on it when you start needing it. 

You might as well have 2 decks - one for damage, one for heals. Level these in the listed order (left to right)

- Intelligence: 10 resis, 30 hp, 10 %armor health points 
- Strength: 20 distance, 30 Elemental Mastery
- Agility: 50 dodge
- Chance: 30 Healing mastery, 20 Crit
- Major: Ap, Mp, Range, Resis

- Intelligence: 10 resis, 40 hp
- Strength: 20 distance, 20 Single Target, 10 Elemental Mastery
- Agility: 20 init, 30 dodge
- Chance: 20 crit, 30 crit mastery
- Major: Ap, Mp, Damage Inflicted, Range

                                                          END OF GUIDE                                                                           


- Why not go for more heals instead of resists?
Honestly, I don't think you need that much heals. Anything over 3k total mastery should be sufficient. It also opens up your build to doing more damage than if you went for straight healing items. 

- Why distance mastery?
Truth be told, I like doing damage LMAO
Being able to do damage is nice in a pinch (preventing damage is better than healing it) and the individual tradeoffs between an item that gives healing mastery vs distance is about 10 mastery for healing which I would trade anyday to have 200 more damage masteries. Switching to a damage build also requires far less changes. 

- Why not mark relic?

The big one is that you lose flexibility in being able to go 13/5, 12/6 or 13/6. (AP bp, mp bp or motivation + ap bp respectively).

Other (mostly negligible) differences are that you lose some stat efficiency due to the mark's control, your resists are less balanced out (even moreso if you go for suture dagger) and the extra heals aren't worth the trade off. The block is nice though. 

Air spells sucks, Healing word sucks and hygiene is the biggest fucking bait in the world. 

Air spells: You require a passive to do anything useful in a timely matter and the damage is garbage. Other classes literally do what you can do but better. It's niche to the point where it's never needed in a healing deck. 

Healing word: It gives less heals per ap than all your other spells and the range is... situational to the point where I would never use it. You have other options when you're out of range (coney + refund mark across the map) and other options for self heals. 

HYGIENE: I don't understand why this is a thing. It was okay before they changed the spell, but now it's garbage. 
1. It increases self heals ONLY. I know way too many people who didn't know this, and translation issues are a thing in different languages. 
2. It's extremely situational. It lets you set up for a nice heal the next turn, but you lose a passive slot which I can't justify. There's maybe one turn at best in an entire fight where you can kind of utilise it, and that's only in boss rooms. Even then it does't make a world of difference compared to having an extra 2 range the entire fight (all the other passives give more healing % or effective HP)
3. It falls off too quickly. It really shouldn't fall off at all considering how infrequently you will stack hygiene. 

Damage: Air spells have the highest damage per ap than fire or water and are kinda necessary. I dislike psykosis flask because it doesn't do the most damage, its secondary effect is useless for this deck, and it does AoE (that also hurts allies). 

Fire spells don't really help you with damaging. They have their places but the ap cost is too high and helping your allies do damage doesn't make sense when you can do more damage by just hitting the enemy. Obviously there are exceptions so I don't care about how hammle mark is amazing when you're a level 60 eni that's playing with a level 200 cra. 

Honestly, the big one is probably chance.

Crits: It's hard to come by and is way more effective for heals on average compared to the flat heal mastery you get from chance. Once you reach 2.3k mastery (or something close), statting/gearing critical hits becomes way more effective than getting flat heals. 

Block: It's insanely good, hard to come by and is better than the couple hundred heal mastery you get instead. 
That said, statting heal mastery lets you say you have over 1k heal mastery :^)

Critical Mastery: Adds to your healing just like everything else, but is less reliable. 
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I have a question. Why does so many people say that critical mastery doesn't effect healing? I tested it several times and my critical mastery have an effect on my healing. I tested it with my ecaflip and a non-random healing spell and the healing is mathematically reproducable with the critical mastery in consideration. Is the eniripsa an exception or was there some patch, some people didn't noticed?

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You're right, crit mastery does work. I wonder why it didn't last time I tried this. Thanks LOL

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First eni guide i agree with in months, although id just go full healing gears, cuz i dont like to dmg tongue

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Wow i was having problem how to build my ani and wich spells use. This miniguide help me with everything. ty!

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As another Eni main, why do you go full HP for the heal build, when you use absorption?
Statting some into armor lets you both have a higher effective HP than pure HP and the armor protects your actual HP from decreasing for a while. (damage to armor doesnt affect absorption since that runs off your health percentage), so you run on maximum heal bonus for longer. 

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Honestly, I only started using armor a few days prior to making this guide and wasn't sure if it was good yet. It has since been a month of pouring all points into armor and I do think it is better. 

I'll update the guide to reflect this.

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Thank you fir this guide!

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Thx so much, I was wondering tho, what if instead of distance i go for single target? What's your opinion on that? What about gear? should i go for distance or heal? My goal is to heal as much a possible.

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The AoE healing is useful? What do you think about this?

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I find it useful in zinit dungeons sometimes because zinit mobs like splitting out their damage a lot.

I don't find aoe healing useful in moon (main job of healer is topping up the tank), or mineral tower (low player count makes aoes less likely and getting aoe heals opens you up for aoe damage) and it's less useful in ogrest I think (end up quite spread out sometimes, and he kinda likes focus firing one person).

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hello I'm from elbor server, sorry for the translation, this build is for pvp?

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Yes to Eni with resist and armor.

1. You can't support your team if yoy're always busy healing yourself.
2. You will be burdening your team if they will have to kill the mob that's attackibg you.

BUT do not sacrifice healing for resist. Get resist items with good elemental mastery too.

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