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ENi was nerfed?

By OroWrath - MEMBER - April 03, 2017, 13:58:24

Didnt play more than year, and back few days ago and what i see, my eni now heal much weaker than before.
what happed? before with Invigoration Word skill i healed more that 4100+hp but now with better gear cant heal even 3000 hp on was nerfed heal or what? dont understand.

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Same here. I feel like my eni heals less 

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Run damage eni

But, I have no idea, my eni is recent and I have no experience with pre-spell decks eni

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if i remember correctly they lowerd enis base heals because they removed the mp cost attached to that skill and just nerfed eni in general because thier heals and utility were very high

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They balanced the base dmg/heal value of spells a while back across all classes. Eniripsas got a buff to their damage and a nerf to their base heals.  +% heals are more important than ever if you want to get high healing numbers so make sure you're taking passives which boost your heals and using regeneration where necessary.

Eniripsas also have the "Eniripsa's Grace" passive now which regens WP. More importantly, it gives +5% heals for every ally you have on your team up to 25%+ for a full team. So Enis are at their strongest in full teams.


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