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Sadist mark

By semcorda September 13, 2013, 08:32:21
I noticed that sadist mark heal is based on the target killer's fire dmg, not eni's. I'm 100% sure it works like this, my earth cra heals for about 190hp, and fire/air xelor heals over 400hp with sadist mark. Is it like it was supposed to be? It's kind of illogical for fire eni to not be able to provide dmg% for sadist mark heal. Looks like a bug to me.

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Ankama, if I was rude, I'd say that 4 months is enough to fix hb wiped by bug even for chimpanzee randomly hitting the keyboard. Fortunately, I'm as polite as you are proffesional.
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My sadist mark used to heal ~100 hp before hotfix, but in celestial tofu it healed only ~50 hp after hotfix.
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Mentioned this a while ago; got a whole lot of nothing:

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