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How does the new massuring mark work?

By JerryDB - MEMBER - August 29, 2013, 19:25:42
As I know the original one was simply 20% of their final vit however the description is not very good.
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yes they made it quite unclear, it does two things:

Raise your fire dmg with 0-20% dmg every time a marked mob dies, this effect stays the entire fight but you need to have 5 mobs dead to get its maxed and by then you prob already won...

It still explodes and heal, deals dmg to surrounding mobs. Dmg/heal is 0,5*lvl of mob at lvl 20, if a lvl 100 dies you get an explosion of 50 base fire dmg.

Massacuring Mark Explosion Damage/Heal depends on the Eni's Fire Damage and Heals.
While Sadist Mark's Heal depends on the recipients stats. This makes Sadist Mark pretty mediocre in most cases
Thank you very much.

I used to use this in emergencies as a water eni, but now I can see its not worth it.
I think blazing calligraphy should include the number of current marked targets as well so its still useful before all the enemies are dead
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