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Sacrificial Doll Sadida Build

By OrehRuoy - MEMBER - April 04, 2012, 13:03:31

Well I get bored and think of new builds for characters.

Anyways you would put all stat points to HP. Getting Ap is also an option. You would use a low cost fire weapon such as cards to turn your dolls to Sac Dolls. More less you can play around a lot with this build as your support skills you need Doll and the spell for more dolls leveled. Other than that you can do whatever although getting the passive for nettled state might be useful.

If im wrong and the sac dolls hp does nothing for its damage it probably would be more beneficial to go all ap gear and stat points to ap.

if hp does affect it then get the highest hp/ini gear possible the other stats wont matter much.

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Sac HP does nothing for its damage, but HP is still a good idea for other dolls.

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You'd still want HP for your Sacrificial for explodoll. Totem pairs nicely with the plan as well. Sadida Savoir Fair to field totem+doll(s) and increase redirect damage. Doll link (in case you get hit and have dolls on the field).

Aside from that, you could also put 80 points into range. With doll seed maxed you can use a fire wand to activate your sacrificial, and you pretty much never want to make them nearby you anyway. 7ap can use a fire bow.

You could focus on the earth branch to work with totem as a side-plan or air branch for decent damage outside of your doll use.

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So Explodoll works with Sac dolls? I do not see how they explode twice but nice if they do lol. Or it just counts both damages.

Also is there explosion AOE is that why you are talking about using the totems.

Yeah as for what branch you use it can be any one you like thats a nice thing about this. You can even mix the 3 if you really want. Just use the spells you enjoy or find most beneficial.

I figured cards since they only cost 3 to cast but yeah if another cheap weapon thats ranged would be even better.

Stats wise seeing as how Hp doesn't help the sac doll's damage you can more less go anything. Another great part of this build.

You can go HP for survivability and if you decide to use other dolls.

Wisdom if you want to level faster.

PP if you want to be a ENU poser.

Range is possible.

INI is also a possibility.

Range maybe if it does affect the weapons im not sure on that.

More less im getting at you have so many options since your not bound to 1 thing.

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