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Sadida gearing

By fomdoo - MEMBER - March 30, 2012, 20:11:09

Im looking formamsolid gear set for a mid 50s sadi. I use dolls and water. Probably will build air up more in the future,mbut right now im focusing on my dolls. Im currently using the royal gobball set. I have a toad set, but im looking for something with a 7 ap build in mind. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Royal Blibli (air), Black Zordfish (water) or Carnivore (earth) come to mind. All are level 42 that give +1AP and have good stats.

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For water I think you shouldn't really confine to a set.

My priority is:

  1. Finding +1 AP for Doll + Rust combo.
  2. Initiative (PvP) Health (PvE)
  3. Health (PvP) Initiative (PvE)
  4. Resistances

Even though you're a water Sadida, you don't really want to look for a water set because you don't benefit from Water damage or chance (who cares if your rust does 20% extra damage?). The whole point of going water is so you can spam Dolls and Rust, so the +1 AP is very necessary. If you're focusing on PvP, initiative is more important than health, assuming you pumped health for characteristic points. Going first means whether you win or lose, so you can Tree before anyone even touches you. As for PvE, stacking health seems to be safer. Trading off 100+ health just so you can go first doesn't have nearly as much of an impact against mobs obviously. And resistances are nice to make you tankier - your Dolls should be taking most of the damage, but being tougher will make grinding a lot easier on you, less breaks, more durability, etc.

I'd search and add items together rather than have a conformed set. Ask yourself what you need, what you plan on using your Sadida for, and as you play more, you'll see which stats will help you improve.

If you don't like that answer, I'd go the Woolly Set.
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I like using partial sets. Tsar set, for example, gives a hefty +40hp for having 2 items. The cape and breastplate offer decent hp and initiative and dodge. That leaves all the rest of your slots to do other good things for you.

Pay close attention to set effects for 2 and 3 pieces, and see what you can cobble together. Often times it is better than putting individually stronger pieces in those slots.

Just be sure to get your AP somehow. At some levels you'll need a full set to get it. Other times, use a satisfaction ring (pair with +1mp boots), goultard, maka weapon, or whatever it takes.

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