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Bramble, Multiple Bramble

By XelZeta#4592 - MEMBER - February 20, 2012, 19:43:46

Bramble lv.100 2-5 Range
"A spell which deals Earth damage by whipping oppoonents who are a bit too reckless."
-49 HP Earth

Multiple Bramble lv.100 2-4 Range, 0-2 AOE
"Thistle add somthing extra to your fights: it has a smaller range and does less damage than Bramble but it can hit several opponets."
-52 HP Earth

Just pointing out that the description on multiple bramble is wrong, twice.
well, it has less casting range technecaly, but the aoe extends it farther than bramble so im my book that means it has more range than bramble.

also, bramble doesnt whip, its crushes.

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Multi used to hit for ~30 base at level 100, but it was buffed; they just haven't gotten around to fixing the text, at least in the English translation.

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Bramble in Dofus whipped people. I believe it did whip people as well during early Wakfu CB. Either way its just typos they never got around to fixing.

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