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Preliminary Overview of Elemental Spells

By February 23, 2011, 16:49:13

This is in no way a definite judgment on the Sadida's abilities, but simply a quick review of their elementental spells for those not in beta.

Air - All have a mysterious "accumulates Effect" effect which I've yet to decipher.
Wood Scent
4AP, 1 range, no line of sight,
A standard melee attack which doesn't hit all that hard (capping at 48 damage).

Poisoned Wind
3AP, 1-3 range, requires line of sight
Deals damage to the target for each movement point it uses. TAKE THAT TOFU! Seems to increase damage for each hit. Lasts one turn. I like it.

Cold Hit
3AP, 2 range
Deals ok damage, imposes a cumulative 20% penalty to air resistance. Yes, it's insane, Yes, I love it dearly. You may go change your pants now.
Edit: The resistance penalty grows, up to 50% at level 100

5AP, 1 range, requires line of sight
Melee attack dealing mediocre damage (capping at 39 at level 100). Stabilizes the target. Meaning you drag it with you. Yes it seems like it would be awesome with Poisoned wind and Tofu gear, no I don't have 8AP yet.

6AP, 1W, 1-5 range, requires no line of sight.
Expensive, caps at 30 damage, Pushes 2 cells out. doesn't seem to push the middle cell (it's a 1 cell cross). I'm conflicted on this one.

Overall, I really like wind, and salivate at Cold Hit in an unhealthy manner.

Earth -
4AP, 2-5 range, requires line of sight.
Caps at 43 damage, not much to add. The criticals look awesome as the brambles turn into a biting snake..

5AP, 1-3 range, requires line of sight.
Caps at 54 damage, and seems to increase the resistance of your Dolls if I read correctly (capping at +40% resist, starting at +10%)

Wild Grass
3AP, 1-3 range, requires line of sight
Caps at 27 damage, has a small chance of reducing the target's movement. Increases your dolls movement if you hit it with it..

2Ap - Anywhere
Caps at 65 damage, can hit you, your friends, the empty cell across the map (which the RNG seems to prefer when I use it.) I really, really dislike this spell.

Multiple Brambles
6AP, 2-4 range, requires line of sight.
Caps at 49 damage, strikes a Windy-Beacon like area (including the cell the windy beacon would be in). I'm not sure but I couldn't sworn it was a 1 cell cross before, maybe the area increases with level.

Water -
4AP, 1-4 range, requires line of sight
Caps at 43 damage, nothing much to add.

Sadida's Tear
5AP, 1-3 range, does not require line of sight
caps at 64 damage,

3AP, 1-3 range, requires line of sight
On enemy- deals up to 28 damage (at level 100)
On Doll or Voodoo Doll (and therefore ally) heals up to 28 damage.

4AP, 1-5 range, requires line of sight.
Not sure I really understand how to use this one.
"A vicious spell that injures the target as well as half the damage done to the totem. Cannot be used on the totem or the character linked to it"
Caps at 33 damage, with additional 16 (1/2) to the totem.

6AP, 1-3 range
Deals upwards of 65 damage, and uses that to heal your dolls.

The Sadida look interesting and diverse.
The air line makes me drool, the water spells look nifty and flexible, but the Earth line is tainted for me by the Earthquake spell.

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All the jazz above me Well, there should be another 2-3 threads just dedicated to the support spells, which make the Saddias like Osas..... minus the monster capturing and with the addition of customization.

A tip for all Saddia people, if your going to level commandment, take my advice and level it side-by-side with Doll. Having 3 commandment is a giant pain in the *** if you have to take 4 damn turns to summon all them dolls.

Like chess, the best starting strategy is to get as many pieces out as fast as possible in order to increase the number of options available to you. Then go from there.

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Earthquake is pretty awful, but the rest of the earth skills are great, imo. It's going to be tough singling out one elemental tree to concentrate on, since they all seem so useful.

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The accumulates effect applies to dolls only (hence the little doll icon in the description). Basically, how this works is that you cast one or more air spells on your doll, and on that doll's next turn, it gets a bonus attack which deals some air damage and has the special attributes of the spell(s) you cast on it. It's nice for those Sadidas that like to hide behind their dolls, but it's less effective than directly casting on your target.

I also dislike Earthquake, but still occasionally cast it, as it is the only Sadida spell that costs less than 3 AP.

I also don't understand Rust, but then I have only cast a totem spell once, and only to see if I could find some use for it worth giving up 4 (yes, 4) WPs to cast. (On that note, the totem seems to be awesome if you can manage to lure a boss into a 1-square-wide corridor with no alternate points of entry, and pretty much useless in every other situation.) My guess as to how Rust works is that you cast it on some enemy unrelated to your totem, and half the damage the spell does is also dealt to the enemy your totem is linked to as bonus damage.

A note on Drain, an amount of healing equal to the damage dealt is divided among all of your dolls (rounding down the amount healed), even those that are already at full health. Situationally, it's very useful, but it's not a perfect replacement for Mudool in terms of doll healing.

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Anrita, I think you're right about how Rust works. You link a totem to one enemy, then use Rust against a second; they both take damage. If this is the way it works, it seems pretty ineffective to me.

Air has some nifty effects, but don't be seduced by Cold Hit. The infinite duration on the -resists must be a mistake. If you construct a build centered around that spell, prepare to have your character demolished when it's fixed. Poison Wind looks nice, though it doesn't actually do a ton of dmg. Still, nice in a hit-and-run build. Doesn't synergize very well with the maddoll, though.

Earth doesn't interest me. Mani.. er, I mean, Multiple Bramble (*sigh*) has an awkwardly large area and lacks the range to place it well. It also deals pathetic damage. Wild Grass is interesting, but the MP damage is weak and only rarely triggers. Fertilizer's doll effect is pathetic, as it only lasts 1 turn. Bramble's awkward 2-5 range rules it out for me.

So far I like Water best. I'm working on a Block army and leveling On Your Leaves, while focusing on Drain to both deal damage and heal my dolls. The strategy is simple: If the dolls get attacked, they're doing their job of soaking up damage; if something gets past the dolls and I get attacked, there is a 40% chance per hit that the Blocks go berzerk on their turn, gaining 25MP, swarming the attacker, and getting a free attack each. Tear is useful for when our dolls get in the way, and Mudool is good for some emergency healing and for splitting attacks between two targets.

The trouble is that dolls take a lot of trouble to activate (1 full round at best, at 6AP) and have pathetic HP. I find as I level that I usually spend a whole round or more activating a doll, only to watch it die in one hit anyway. Great. Now I'm back to square 1, only I'm down a WP and some pride, to boot.

So far, the Sadida seems to be about on par with the (pre-nerf) Eni in terms of overall power (ignoring the Cold Hit issue, which would make it top tier). This is not a good thing.

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My overall impression is that the current Sadida is weaker than the pre-patch Eniripsa at soloing, but may be stronger while duoing. Why? Because dolls are more effective in groups. When soloing my Sadida, the first thing I do is run away, and hope that I can manage 3 turns without taking too much damage to pop out a pair of dolls (doll seed, doll seed, elemental attack x2). From that point on, it's a delicate dance trying to get my dolls to gang up on certain enemies, keeping them healed, doing damage when possible, and moving up to the front line to take a hit every now and then if a doll looks like it's going to die. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But, with say, an air Cra to scatter the enemies and let only 1-2 in at a time, suddenly it becomes a lot easier to set up a doll dog-pile. Or, with an Eniripsa partner, it becomes a lot easier to keep the dolls alive, even when facing more attackers. And, with an Iop, well... I guess the Iop tanks some of the enemies while some infltable dolls tear through the others. Compare this to the Eniripsa, who has (had?) very potent self-healing abilities, combo healing/attack abilities, and several passive abilities that reduce the damage they take.

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