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Tanking with Sadi *Information Wanted*

By xXDeividdoXx January 27, 2011, 01:57:41
 Q&A for Tanking with Sadida
  1. Is a Sadida's defenses capable of handling a job as a Shield?
  2. Are you able to control the dolls you create? (The answer to this is yes, just found out Ahaha)
  3. Are all of your attacks nature oriented/ does your normal attack cause nature dmg?
  4. Do they get Wakfu bonuses for planting trees/monsters? (For example an Enutrof plants a tree gets 1 Wakfu pt compared to the 2 Wakfu pt's a Sadida would get)
  5. Guide says it difficult to be a tank and use the dolls simultaneously but is it possible(in a sense of doing it effectively) for me to tank and place my dolls behind my enemy to attack them?
  6. -Thats all the questions for now but may add more!-

Suffice my desire  for this knowledge if you can. Please and Thank You 
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The v3 Sadida has not been released yet, so nobody really has these answers, I'm afraid. It wasn't even released at all in v2, either. Also, the Eni that they just released today looks almost nothing like what they had described on the website; the spells are almost 100% different, so there's no telling what the Sadida will actually look like when it's finally released. U_U'

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I see, I was really looking forward to that information. Ohh well the nectar will sweeten as I wait.

Wow I just made a reference to Sadi's without paying attention spacing out for the win


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Good job with that offhand reference, I can't wait to find out more about Sadida's.

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Ohhhhh smile I can't wait for this class to come out.

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While we didn't get it out in v2, just like Perrier said, we do know what the spells are (still don't know the costs/percent for each effect/HP on things and stuff, so what I'm going to say will be a... blind guess), and it seems like water was based on disabling with a healing spell, basically status effect, air was based on map manipulation/high damage with a healing spell, and the earth was based on AoE type things and resistance/defense instead of HP.

We can kind of assume the new Sadida will be fairly close to that.

So, judging on the v2 things...

1. It seems like you would be able to if you went with earth. Any other element probably wouldn't. But, seeing as Sadidas aren't really meant to be tanks I think, even an earth Sadida wouldn't be the best at tanking. Instead, his/her dolls would be. Also, "Fighting Position: At the back. They are effective long distance.", and "Easy Target: Opponents with attacks that cover a shorter distance than their own, opponents that are easy to kite or keep at range."

2. Already answered, but that seems tight. Oh wait, think I know what you're talking about now... "controlling the dolls". Is that it? If it is, I think they're referring to strategical positions/effect you use on them.

3. No such thing as nature oriented damage. There's 4 different elements. ALL of the spells in one elemental branch will inflict that certain element type damage (or heal). This is true for all the classes (or at least was, and is still holding true so far).

4. I don't think they'd do something like that. That'd be kinda unfair to the other classes.

5. What guide? Do you mean this? "You have to choose between controlling the dolls and mixing it up on the front line. It's difficult, even suicidal, to try doing both at the same time." I'm assuming they mean the way you build your Sadida. I believe you should be able to build them very tank-like, using The Madoll/The Leafy, or very aggressively/long ranged, using Bramble/The Ultra-Powerful. You might be wondering why I didn't add The Inflatable to the tank-like build, but that's just because I feel like that should be used in both builds anyways. I mean, free healing/resistance? Hell yes.

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uhh I don't think you'll really be tanking anyone since the classes are set up to be "fair"

but as it's been stated above no I doubt you'll get bonuses for planting just because of your class type, otherwise Eniripsa's would get bonuses for making potions and other classes would be getting bonuses based upon their individual class type and so on and so fourth .


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