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Is Sadida a Summoner?

By Raheru#4132 - MEMBER - October 07, 2022, 20:23:58

Why I argue Sadida should be the next job in line to get a revamp.
We get it, people like the shields and heals. But even right now other jobs are shielding and healing really well. Even the new Osamodas does a pretty good job at shielding and healing. Those two aspects of the game aren't extra-ordinary anymore.

But what about summoning? What presence do dolls have in the game's gameplay?
What about control in gear? Is it something that's going to be phased out or artificially added to gear for the illusion that Sadida still summon at all?

No my friends, it's time to pick up the pitchforks and get justice for this "summoner" job.

Discussion welcomed.

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They already said they are phasing out control's current function (liniting the number of summns) over a year ago and every class since the fogger rework isn't affected by control.
After it's removed from all classes, they said they will either remove control from gear or give it a new effect.

But yeah a sadida rework would be nice.

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I would like Sadida to have get something more of a revert than a rework. Hear me out.

Way back in the day, Sadidas functioned differently. We had Seeds and we had Spells. We planted Seeds and casted a spell on it to grow a doll. This doll then automates and casts spells, but otherwise it was a unique sort of summoning only Sadidas enjoyed. 

I would like the Seeds-Dolls mechanic back, but with a twist:

1. Seeds + Spell will grow a doll based on element, just like before, but it actually stores 1 charge of the spell casted on it. 

2. Doll grown through this method will be controlled by the player and allowed to cast their spell once, and when they end their turn, they turn into an Explodoll and just explode for damage based on the element of the spell which grew them. 

3. If the Doll does not cast the spell it holds, it does not self destruct, but you can only have a few Dolls on the field as a limit. 


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The recent revamps show us that the Devs are exploring different ways the classes can supecede the limitations of Melee/Distance or Area/ST restrictions of build or spells.

Rogue has a Scope passive from its first rebalance, allowing Rogues to switch between melee and distance builds. Later, the two earth spells grant the connections for a switch-up mid-combat. They are kinda expensive but lets the Rogue pick the type of Detonation they want, at least.

Xelors had an ST spell that was somewhat area, and an area spell that was kinda ST, so that the class has options even committing to one mastery.

Osamodas has dragon mode that converts all ST mastery to area so that they can switch attack types on the fly.

The upcoming fogger lets them use the turret to convert ST spells to AoE zone damage.

Sadida already sort of has this feature. The dolls with their AI and movement points facilitate the use of melee mastery to attack despite the Sadida being far away, while Poisoned Wind applies a state that does ST poison damage despite covering an area. I think its a cool way that the Sadida has reach even without movement points or range, using dolls, like how the Eliotrope has fixed range but can have unlimited reach, or conversely ignore mobility and use spells without Line of Sight for Voodoo/Poison stuff. Amplifying this further lets the Sadida develop two distinct identities from other classes.

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Didn't the devs literally say they plan to remove ST and AoE mastery?

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Sadida is the currently the closest thing we have to a summoner class in Wakfu right now.
Since they gutted that aspect of Osa, I think it would be a good idea if they made it more prominent on Sadida, or made a new class that focuses on it.

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