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Sadida Builds?

By owning#4196 - MEMBER - June 29, 2022, 00:33:55

Any good Sadida Builds out there for levels mid 50s? Mainly distant dmg/water/heal mastery? I cant seem to find hardly any guides online for this game.

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Wanna first start off saying that I don't have extensive knowledge on Sadida, but i atleast play her as an alt, and have been wronged by multiple high level players on how to build her. Plus I'm bored atm since the server's down. But for Sadida, the main choices you would have to choose is either build her doll-less (lone sadida) or with a bunch of dolls, since these two choices will result in completely different active and passive skills chosen. Next is choosing damage build or support build. Let me also say that Sadida's support build still does damage though, it depends on what stats you choose. Once you have decided on those two things, then everything else becomes easy. From your statement above I'm gonna assume that you're going for a support build, so you have two choices, going doll or doll-less.
If you're going for doll-less support (which is my build) you have no real choice than to go air/water. This is because, after finding out the hard way, Sadida's skills that give armor such as Bramble doesn't scale with earth mastery anymore. Despite that, Sadida support is well-known for giving a crazy amount of armor. Therefore you should bring two earth skills that give armor, plus Sylvan Awakening. Then add some air skills that either debuff the mobs, or buff ur teammates. Then bring water skills that heal of course. Adding distance mastery will also help this build, since you will be debuffing enemies from afar while dealing decent damage. Especially the two air skills that debuffs for -50 res, and X% damage inflicted on mobs. Her heals are sub-par compared to Eni, but you can still heal a good amount and use her water skills for damage if you lack that element in your team. But for this build, Single target mastery and Distance mastery helps, so does healing mastery. As for passives, Common Ground, Lone Sadida, Sadida Prayer, Medicine (should later replace for something else cuz -X% damage inflicted s*cks). The other passives I can't remember, but lets just leave it at here for now. For the other types of builds, I could prolly write an essay but it might not actually help you in any way. Therefore it would be easier for people (including me) to help you once you have first decided on the choices above and reply here. Then I'll help you with that specific build if you still need it.

TLDR; Are you playing with dolls or no dolls & you want to play damage or support?

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No Dolls.

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Doll-less Sadida is one of the most simple and straightforward classes to play. Unfortunately u have little to no repositioning skills. So a class like elio or panda is basically a must.
As a support, you are doing these things:
1. Giving armors to teammates (1st turn onwards)
2. Buffing teammates (1st turn onwards)
3. Debuffing mobs (2nd turn onwards)
4. Using Voodoll for your melee damage dealers (possibly 1st turn, depends on situation)
5. Healing teammates

As a damage dealer, Sadida isn't crazy like Cra, but the upside is your skills come with perks, like debuffing mobs. As a damage dealer you also have more options than full support (which is only air/water), you can go air/earth for debuffing mobs and aoe, and also giving armor. There's only one strong aoe skill in earth though, so upping aoe mastery isn't worth it. Or you can go earth/water, for earth damage while still giving armor and water for damage and heals. It depends on what your team is lacking. All the builds above benefit from distance mastery. Then you can up single target mastery, healing mastery or elemental mastery.
Let me emphasize again that damage dealer Lone Sadida is always gonna be worse than other true damage dealers, so be expected to support as well. Where Sadida really shines is Lone Sadida air/water support while having 3 armor-giving skills.
For Lone Sadida air/water support:
- You go initiative to the max, you have to be first before your teammates to be effective.

- Distance Mastery max, Healing or elemental or single target mastery next - is up to your playstyle
- Max health points from every stat branch, this helps with Sylvan Awakening skill and makes you more tanky, but you'll deal very little damage.

- Aim for Range upgrades (from stat and eq)
- Critical Hit maxed, cuz giving armors can also crit

-For skills choose:
  Earth: Bramble, Fertilizer
  Air: Woodland Stench (used with Harmless Toxin passive), Sudden Chill, Gust, Poisoned Wind
  Water: Sadida's Tear, Drain, Mudoll
  Specialty: Sylvan Awakening, Voodoll (optional), Tree (optional)
  Must have Passives: Common Ground, Harmless Toxin, Lone Sadida, Sadida Prayer, WildWhispers (Notice that i didn't take Medicine because i don't think it's necessary tbh)

Hope this helps, if you have any questions in particular, I'll try to answer them

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Awesome ill try playing around with that thank you

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