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Sadida Dolls,minion play style and revamp ideas

By JonTurk - MEMBER - October 16, 2020, 14:20:26

This is not a sadida revamp,im happy with sadida but i believe minions are too much problem and boring and taking time in battlefield to control, to buff or about blocking paths or caging enemies etc. and sometimes they put you into more trouble by steping buff tiles on battlefields and i see a bit unfair for extra and unllimiless  minion summoning each turn by powerdoll with extra Ap.
Here is  my new idea,
Sadida summons lv.1 Voodoll(s) and can fertilizes "only voodoll(s)" by spells to increase voodoll levels.
End of Sadida turn;
Voodoll(s)  turns into a minion(s) and be ready to be controled by Sadida.
Voodoll(s) with;
   Water spell fertilized = summons a healer minion.Heals a target and leaves the battle.
   Air spell fertilized = summons  AoE damager minion with double lock and armor. Start turn of sadida , leaves battle after AOE damage around.
   Earth fertilized  = summons single damager minion. damage and -1 range and leaves battle.
Minions dont leave battle if no completed action and all minions be controled by caster.  Voodolls with more fertilize summon better stat minions, Powerdoll is not commander anymore.


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