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Sadida dolls and movement pen system

By JonTurk - MEMBER - November 16, 2019, 23:40:32

this dolls may annoy much if they walk freely near edges to buff opponents.
i will suggest "pen tiles" for their movements.They will keep up move freely in this pen tiles but not 1 step further until Upower control them to change their position.
Pen tiles will be assigned on tiles around the summoned doll while player is casting the U.Power doll's summons or control spell.   
these tiles will show the area which tiles can be used  by doll while auto-moving.
Sadida will use  "control spell of U-power doll" to change pen's origin,pen origin is last tile where doll is moved last by player and sametime this active doll would be walked thru this pen and doll will attack target if target is around the pen tiles or targeted.
Here is good example and above picture , you should imagine that elio is a doll and elio can attack one of the target near blue pen but elio doesnt move 1 tile away from this pen to step water paddle at edges.     
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This overly complicates sadida, sounds hard to implement and solves a very specific problem. You could just use wild whispers passive to control your dolls if they are messing you up. Worst case, you can just use positioning and doll spawn to fix those problems.

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I agree with you, doll ai is terrible and causes many problems but this solution is a bit too complicated.

But Sadida have been asking for Doll AI improvements since the game released sooo don't hold your breath.

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Pen system is a combined system of elio portal and rogue bomb. You know, bomb attacks target if target is in range and elio pushes portal to change its position. sadida doll will be a bomb which can move in its range pen.

do whatever you do, this dolls move to edges. if targeted, last summons will be blocked by first summons while they are reaching target or one of first summon doesnt attack target sometimes. Just try ALS crackler dungeon  with dolls and see how many problems will be created. Annoying thing is sometimes Healer doll walks front of opponent to block like fighter dolls and it will be better if fighters keep up 1 tile distance after their attack is completed.every doll has got its pen btw. these are ideas of me ,repeatedly control a doll bores and control is limited. this dolls must play freely but pen system is good solution to assign their movement place and they wont block another doll  path. this area will trigger them to attack closer opponents, sadida already has got pull push spells. 

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