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Can somebody explain dolls mechanic?

By Sarkastic - MEMBER - October 07, 2019, 18:40:43

Basically I try with my friend Sadida to understand dolls mechanic, but we struggle. Can somebody explain things like how many dolls can Sadida summon, types of dolls (and How to summon them), dolls spells, which Sadida’s spells have special effect on dolls, etc.

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There is still a valid build. In details, as a summon class, you need +control to summon any doll, include the centralize chief Ultrapowered Doll, then access to other doll summon. 

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As JSky Mentioned, each point in control allows you to summon an extra doll. Their mastery scales up as with any other summon, they pick the identical mastery you have. If they're hitting on melee, it's melee damage, if they're hitting on range, its range damage, same for AoE and ST.

There are 7 dolls in total:
Voodoll: a weird doll, it's summoned linked to a mob. damage it takes is directed towards linked target. Im not that sure how it works, haven't used it that much. I remember it was heavily nerfed.

Ultra-powerful: The main doll you will use. It allows you to summon the next 5 dolls. If it dies, all dolls it summoned dies with them. Apart from dolls, has a 4 ap cross earth hit and can apply a stat to mobs/allies that makes dolls focus them and. If with wild whispers passive, can target 2 dolls to be controlled per turn. Ultra-powerful gets really nice when you pump it up with nettled (via passives or 2 ap water spell). You can have more than one in field.

Block: A tanky doll. Has higher hp, high lock. Idea is to make a little locking wall somewhere. If controlled, it has two very useful spells: a pull from um to 3 cells away, and a classerole effect on melee, which makes mobs follow it.

Maddoll: A prickly doll. Has small hp, applies a -mp/range attack. Can be useful, very cheap to summon and can do it from 3-4 range.

Healer one: Forgot the exact name. Heals a little.

Kamikaze: Suicide doll, explodes itself on mobs. Good damage, low AP, triggers explodoll passive easily. Also does air/AoE damage.

Greedy: Main damage doll. Has a line attack up to 3 cells away for ST water damage. Intermediate health and doesn't suicide. If pumped up with nettled can hit more than once per turn.

All dolls have their use, they are all potential decoys for damage and the more they stay in field the more they pay off. They are annoying since they take so much turn time, but well. This comment was mostly a complement for the one I placed on the thread JSky mentioned.

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Ultra-powerful: It is 4ap cross earth spell? The Muppet?

By the way, the damage after Sacrifice Doll's explode, the Explodoll passive choose your highest element as counted. But sometimes is buggy too. 
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