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Sadida Build

By Senkufu#3515 - MEMBER - April 03, 2019, 15:39:57


I'm rather new to the game, regardless i bought a hero pack because playing 3 characters at a time seemed too tempting. As such I have a masqueraider and cra, and i was thinking of using sadida as the 3rd person. I would like to build it as water/earth so I can heal while still doing damage. I know that the air tree is much more optimal because of debuffs, but I feel like it's not really my cup of tea. Any tips on how to build it? Optimal spells, characteristics and such? Thanks you for your time!

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Hello. I'd say you are better off if you make the sadida full support/heals. But if you want to be able to deal damage, consider wanting to be lone sadida or doll sadida. You can definetly pull off damage with earth branch, as well as area as single target, although it's not the best. I love sadida regardless, but they kind of need a small rework, or atleast some attention

A few options:
Doll sadida with earthquake (fights close combat, mostly, but mainly stat area damage) very efficient, especially when farming in haven world.

Distance elemental dmg sadi:
Manifold bramble, fertilizer, rust, drain and sadi's tear will probably be your main damage sources. Try adding sudden chill for the debuff though.

Distance single target:
Sadi's tear, bramble, fertilizer and drain (assumingly it's single target, which I believe it is) will be your main damage dealers, considering you don't feel like using air too often. Though air would definetly fit here with sudden chill and woodland stench.

Good luck and try out what you think suits best.

Have a nice day!

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Previous comment mentioned pretty much the two options to go in terms of passives: Lone Sadida and Dolls. 

The Lone Sadida can benefit from both water and earth spells to deal damage while providing some heal/mp debuffs. Out of the spells I would use the following:
Vaporize - Average damage with good range and low ap cost
Sadida's Tear - Good base damage
Rust - Good heal and good AoE dmg
Drain - Average damage but with AoE heal

Bramble - Average damage with good range
Fertilizer - Average damage with mp steal
Wild Grass - Great damage with mp remove and small AoE
Manifold Bramble - Good damage with mp removal, huge AoE and no LoS. Sadly uses wp and there is no good regen for it on sadi.

Lone Sadida - Up to 30% final and heals
Carnage - 10/15% final -  no heals sadly
Sadida Prayer - Wp regen, mostly
Venemnous - 20 willpower

There is a lack of good passives for DD sadi without dolls.

On the Doll side, the things are much slower to build up and dependent of control + overpowered doll. Dolls are great decoys but use a lot of time on game. I would use the following spells.
Vaporize - Average damage with good range and low ap cost, buffs dolls
Sadida's Tear - Good base damage, can buff tank doll
Muddoll - Good heal and doll buff
Drain - Average damage but with AoE heal

Bramble - Average damage with good range
Wild Grass - Great damage with mp remove and small AoE, stabilises dolls. Long cooldown
Earthquake - Great damage if more than an AoE hit. Can do vast ammount of damage.
Manifold Bramble - Good damage with mp removal, huge AoE and no LoS. Destroys dolls so might be removable.

Knowledge of Dolls - Control and dmg buff on dolls
Explodoll - Damages when a doll dies, buffs yourself
Green Guard - Buffs dolls whenever you get damage. Can self hit with dolls to buff them.
Doll Link - Buffs dolls resist and your resist per doll around.
Wild Whispers - Allows you to control dolls

Overall, I would still recommend to give air a chance. Debuffing is really important and air has some goos spells like gust, Poisoning wind and sudden chill. The first two being good even if you don't have air damage (for positioning and debuffing damage, respectively).

On the two ideas I gave I assumed Distance damage. Im not very sure with what dolls scale, so general might be better in some cases. I would like for a more experienced Sadida player to comment on that. If you opt for things like Single Target or AoE masteries, some spells are automaticly cut out.

As someone mentioned before, sadida is needing a little more care. Since enu appeared, it's position as support healer was completely outshined and it never had enough care torwards Damage Oriented. Its still a nice class and can shine on a lot of places. If you wish to see a DD Air/Earth build I made, you can find it here. Its level 110 and might not fulfill all your wishes, but might be worth a look.

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This thread may be old but there are few things about Sadida’s builds so here we go. As a Sadida player, I have to agree with basically everything you said. Regarding the secondary mastery section: if you want to play with dolls, I don’t recommend having a lot of distance damage. This is simply because dolls have the same stats as you, excepted for the tanky one which has more lock. And since dolls do mostly melee damage, there are 2 ways you can go.
First, you can build off-tank, which isn’t that great imo. The other build would be a distance build, but where you build more single target damage. This way, you can still do damage with most of your spells, heals are correct, and most importantly the dolls can deal damage. However, if you play with dolls your Sadida is gonna end up a little more like a support with buffs/debuffs and positionning. The reason is Lone Sadida isn’t gonna be effective and your support abilities are gonna surpass your damage dealing ones. So if you only play in PvE, dolls would be a stronger choice as they provide both tanking (by blocking line of sights for ennemies and taking hits) and damage. As the post above mentionned, this gameplay takes much more time to be effective, which is a big downside considering fights are usually short (except for big bosses). Personally, I opted for the no dolls build. This way I deal a bit more damage by myself and can heal my melee characters with Drain. It would be lying tho if I said my Sadida is my strongest character. They need a small buff (either to damage or heals) to be on par with most of the character roster.

TLDR: Sadidas aren’t the greatest class. They basically can do a bit of everything at the same time, but they don’t excel in anything imo.

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Sadida first class I played back when started, back again maybe depending on size of game now.

This information still current?


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