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Sadida full healer/ support build idea.

By JuloDwa - MEMBER - October 23, 2017, 16:22:50

Iam planning sadida full healer support. Those are spells i think of:

- Wild Grass
- Bramble 
- Fertalizer
I think rooting enemys can be usefull in some fights thus Wild Grass. Giving armor to party member is nice so i dont know if i should choose one of those or get both. (Atm i have both but id like to loose one to make space for debuffing enemy damage.)

- Woodland Stench
- Sudden Chill
- Gust
- Poisoned?
I will use Harmless Toxinso Woodland Stench with ressitance buff and heal is nice. Sudden Chill and Gust to increase damage enemy will get from party members. For Poisoned iam willing to loose one of armor spells.

- Sadida's Tear
- Mudoll
- Rust
- Drain
Those are my healing spells.

- Tree
- Sylvan Awakening

* Intelligence:
- Elemental Ressistance max
- Health points rest

- Distance mastery max
- Elemental rest

- Dodge max
- Initiative (maybe somthing here?)

- Block max
- Healing mastery rest (should i go full healing and skip block?)

- AP
- MP
- Damage inflicted? (does it buff heals?)
- Elemental resistance
If damage doesnt buff heals what should i take range?

Any insight on this build or ideas that work better are warmly welcome.
If any advanced players with Sadida can share builds they use and know builds working on moon and higher please share so me and other can happily spread Sadida's greatness.

Thanks for reading.

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The Damage Inflicted major doesn't buff heals.

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Thank U for information, will not use it for sadi then.

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OH HEY KRUZY, also thanks for the help this was very helpfulhappy

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go full healing mastery. skip block. and go range instead of fd. and for armor go bramble, since it offers much larger range. also go full range build. gkc is still good relic with moon gears cuz of the range it offers. 

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is going crits first then healing mastery better or should i just ignore all other stat and pump all points into healing mastery?

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Does this measure up to eni. I looked they seemed close but eni might have more passives based on healing

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They both heal well, eni is more direct. Sadida has more utility, can remove ress and toxin while already being an awesome hot(heal over time) spell gives u resists toon, bit the ress is awful.

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