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Role of sadida?

By tomowamathebeast - MEMBER - April 19, 2017, 16:48:01

Hello, I was wondering what is the role of a sadida late game

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To block team mates from reaching their targets.

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Right now? A less effective eniripsa (healer).

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Basically, take any characters primary role, replace the word 'primary' with 'secondary' or 'tertiary' and that is Sadida in a nutshell.

Secondary healer
Secondary support
Secondary debuffer
Tertiary positioning
Tertiary map control
Tertiary damage
Tertiary tank

I suppose their primary role is being the least fun class to play in their current form? happy

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Would this team be viable? And if so what would the sadida role in the team be. Fogger, Feca, Sadida

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Defensively that is overboard but you could have the Fogger as a full time stabilized berserked Foggernator.

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What about fogger sadida and masq?

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Old fogger was good for DD tank now is lol. Your option with feca was good already. you might want to have tank locker in your 3 man team.

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Being annoying and make fights last forever.

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Sadida is in the middle of the pack right now. I have one and the best ways to play it i think is a water/air (with some earth) healer/debuff build or to play it solo (with heroes or companion) because most people dislike playing with an summoner sadida as it makes fight take longer and dolls are pretty underwhelming and have stupid ai if u dare not to run the pasive. This second build would be an area DD earth/water to spam manifold bramble and use dolls when needed.
Note im only talking of pve i wont bother talking about pvp.

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Playing Sadi as main healer with support buff/defuff, very effective in all dungeons and really shines in large boss rooms +50 resistance and heals and 2.5k shield from bramble to the tank. Keep Ultra powerful in deck to summon block to slow tank mobs down or save allies with kmir #favdolly


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sadida aren't as great as healers as eni,but they can provide good offencive buffs/debuffs,and impair the ennemi movement with the block/mp removal
but overal eni have more useful tools to keep the fight goes smoothly,it is better to considerate a sadida for when you master a dungeon fully,and you wanna just run it at an increased speed for an increased risk

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I dont use sadi much for pve, but i'd say most likely its main role would be to spam that 3 ap air move that heals and raises resists, then switching to some minor map manipulation and lowering resists. For pvp doll sadida seems the obvious way to go and it can be ridiculously hard to kill, just gear for resistances, keep your dolls alive as best you can, and keep yourself alive w/ your dolls in an unending cycle. Doll sadi is like an unrelenting weed that will give you a slow but sure victory, as long as you dont get isolated from dolls by a handful of classes with great positioning ability, or let the UP die before you can summon another one 

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I'm no Sadida main but I've seen enough of how they're used end-game to offer some thoughts: As stated before, Sadida's more of a secondary healer than a main healer. They're fairly crummy as a tank or a damage dealer, and in PVP they're notorious for creating painfully unfun stalling scenarios.

In PVE, Sadida's main selling point is their fairly unique blend of support and map control effects. If you have a coherent plan and know what you're doing, Sadida can be a very powerful part of a team. If you don't know what you're doing, Sadida will be strictly worse than another class would be in the team slot.

I don't think I can give a definitive answer for what Sadida should be doing because it can be wildly different depending on the fight. Do you need an expendable unit to trigger glyphs on the opposite side of the map? Sadida's good for that. Do you want to bodyblock enemies and distract their AI? Sadida can do that. Need kit that can flex between being a decent buffer/debuffer and healer? Sadida's got that.

Like.. there aren't a lot of situations where Sadida really excels compared to the likes of Eniripsa and Ecaflip? But they've got a broad enough toolkit there's probably something useful they can do in literally every fight, which is more than some classes can say.

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a Damage Dealer. 
a Semi Healer
a Buffer/Debuffer

a Total Cancer if Left Alone lolx

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