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Sadida tank?

By tomowamathebeast - MEMBER - April 19, 2017, 01:10:42

I currently have a feca as my main tank. I was wondering if a dmsadida could replace my feca

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Tank sadi can really take some hit. However I dont know how much lock they can get.

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Too time consuming to summon all the minions it takes to be competitve with the other tanks.
Boss mechanics have a habit of ruining the idea consistently. (I,E Kannivore)
Nothing astounding is gained  from using it.

Panda Feca and Sacrier are the most viable tanks in the current meta.
Panda - Pros
Panda generates an great amount of lock,
has the best positioning tool if allowed
has a large shield generation
Worn out wears off dropping your lock and tankiness
Hits a low of -50% damage dealt at maximum tankiness
Has no transport available for the bosses unmovable by traditional means(Pull push and kachamrak)

High damage
Permanent Armor
Cheap positioning tools
Arguably best mp chipper
Low Lock generation
Requires all elements to effectively complete the job
Shield generation is too low in most situations.

Great support abilities
Least situational positioning tools
Best abililty to keep a mob still
Arguably has the greatest damage mitigation
Average lock generation
Most of the support abilities have Los so don't have much use while tanking.
Deals no damage.

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Don't bother. The sadida tanking tools are expensive, and the shield-buffing passive only works on allies.

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