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air sadida

By Soulhelder - MEMBER - February 24, 2016, 13:37:13

Is air sadi still viable, as far i saw air for sadida no longer has a decent dmg, and actually don't make sense, sadi is a ranged class, so why do they get a pulling spell? so is there a way to actually use air as a primary element for sadi?

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Sadi is capable of tanking and got tools such as armors and MP removal to do so as well as bonus to resist from dolls and Tree. K'mir can be used for that sake but also it can be used to drag enemy closer to dolls for Earthquake sake (wich also hit around sadida) or to pull an ally and drag it somewhere, wich is a lot of fun. Though range 3 is pretty short to be honest, for a pull spell.

Anyway air sadida is not really that great. Most useful thing from air spells is resist removal or dmg buff with push from gust or that k'mir's pull+dragging effect or damage reduction from poisoned wind but all of that work well without air dmg% being high. The most notable thing about air sadida though is Woodland Stench wich with Harmless Toxin passive allow you to give 50 resist to allies for 2 turns with (non-critical) heal up for its duration. It doesn't work for self though (minimal range for woodland stench is 1).
Sadly even with passive bonus to poison dmg (Venomous) air poisons are still weak, and the Cursed state from woodland stench is just pointless with its weak power. A high lvl sadi may make fun of this state on Thork (Bwork dungeon boss) but thats about it. It won't help much on its desired level. Its just that weak.

Still Woodland Stench x4 with los or sudden chill x2 +gust x2 for no los combo's are most convenient spells to use. But yeah its nothing special. Best poison is Tetatoxin from Sic'Em More but its chromatic so water and earth dmg% will work with it well. No point to be air to be honest, unless you want those 3 spells i mentioned to hit decently when you use them. Oh and if you want sacrificial doll to hit hard then air is the way to go.

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The original beta plans for K'Mir was a 6 AP 1 WP air nuke that reduced final damage by 10 per MP used by that target, up to 50 final damage reduction.
It was a massive debuff spell and a good WP dump. But as always, the sadida community starts whining and we got to keep our melee skill that nobody uses (except if you like tanking). The final damage from K'Mir got moved to Poisoned Wind (it was originally supposed to be only poison damage around the sadida).
I personally think that this choice ruined the sadida air branch. People only want air builds for Woodland Stench and Sudden Chill (Gust doesn't need air mastery for it's utility), as the whole poison theme is a joke. Still, those 2 spells are good enough for a tribuild.

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honestly, I think if you want to debuff things you should definitely count on that -10% damage and -50 resistance, but maybe they could make poisoned wind have better effectiveness at the cost of a reduced range and +1 ap cost.

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