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The Tree Hugger - Sadi Suggestion

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - May 10, 2014, 20:17:59
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This game is really dead, it's all about me, kikui and neneko discussing Sadida features. I wonder if they have something in mind to fight that in the future and bring more people to the game.

By the way, I tried to reduce the damage output in some spells, specially the earth branch, since I dont think that it is needed more than one spell that deals high damage on each branch. It pretty much is the reason why the game is not so tactical as it should be, most spells of every class are all about damage. I'd like to see more interesting features and effects, allowing better strategies. That's why I've done that to the Earth branch. The air branch is the one that I have less knowledge, so I did only some changes that I think that would fit the gameplay, but there's a big chance that I am being widely mistaken.
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Neneko88|2014-05-26 22:10:55
The problem I have with rust is that it doesn't give +water damage to the seed (greedy) when you use it on seed to summon them.

I never understood why they had to make you wait an extra turn for rust to work
It used to be like that. They changed it because it was the only "worth using" spell to summon Greedy dolls as it made us feel that we summon dolls "for free" (with just cost of seed being the cost of the doll).

What they could do to make us not use this spell only, was to either make other spells refund the cost of cast on seed (vaporize spel to refund 2AP to Sadida when used on seed to summon greedy) or make Rust not trigger the effect when cast on seed. They choose the 2nd option, the worse one. We should now request for Boohowl and Whip to be unable to be used on Summons in the sam turn the Osamodas summoned them, to make it "more fair" even though osa summons will remain there forever, while dolls will just die and we will face the same problem several times... This is so unfair to Sadida...
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