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Doll Crits

By WhiteClover February 13, 2014, 18:42:40
Do dolls share in Sadis Crits? Or do they have their own?
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Dolls all have a crit chance of 0%, and they don't share their summoner's. Unless you find a way to buff them in combat, they will never crit.
Why dont they have %3 base ch? blink 
Air dolls can not crit :c

I know that for a fact. Greedings can.

I tested this and I actually found that dolls could crit [greedies] with old feca crit glyphs and eca crits.

Lol like doing that is worth it ~___~
I think it'd really help the cause (doll sadis) if they could share the same crits as the summoner ... Oh well, well there goes that idea. Thanks for the responses.
I noticed that in game no summon actually crit, unless they are wild creatures (osa summons). I have never seen "Summoned by X" characters (such as the one on AL Howin that you control in dungeon or the one in trool fair where you can get Kiss Emote) to crit. Basically anything that has description that it has been summoned by player has no crit rate (but like i said osamodas summons are exception, because we can find these monsters in the wild). It doesn't mean they can't crit - they can if they get crit rate bonus, such as the one made by water Ecaflip fleeches. The crit would help dolls and i always thought Nettle should guarantee dolls to crit (since they don't crit at all normally).
I think Kam logged into wakfu and tried a sadida and saw how horrible they are XD
they finally added crits to dolls..

"Dolls: they will now have a rate of Critical Hits same Sadida."

I have ssen it. Doll builds might be a little more interesting with that change...
They should also consider critical hit cast on seed to make the doll summoned deal 100% crit on its next attack (no crit should be wasted).




Seeeeee change log

Don't get overexcited. It's not like it will make us in pair with other classes. We will still suck where we suck now.

Oh and crit from a low dmg is still low dmg.

And i must say i liked the fact that dolls couldn't crit because of northern chafer's effect that my dolls didnt trigger, ever. I would rather have nettle state as the mechanic determining doll's crit chance (if not nettled - no crit, if nettled - crit) wich with maxed green guard would give dolls 40% crit rate (if sadida get attacked) and with sic'em more would give doll guaranteed crit for 1 ap (current cost of sic'em more) wich would be as good as doing that 1ap worth dmg.

But guess Ankama was afraid to even think about it and they decided to give us the "lame" version of dolls crit, making their crit based on our own crit rate. Wich means we have another stat (aside from Chance, Agi, HP) to level to "try to be decent".

Now i will be afraid to make dolls even more just to not make them fail the challange by accidentaly critting on the target that i wanted them to weaken not kill (for Wily challange for example). Bye bye math, welcome more randomness.
agree..with the low base damage these dolls even with crit are really weak. the base damage is what ruins them not the water % or crit, oh well we'll see.
I miss the ability to boost dolls AP (via Rust or nettle). Back then it was justified to have that low dmg, since it could have been multiplied. Ankama changed that to dmg% wich, in contrary, made dolls do less dmg - a troll way to "improve" dolls by nerfing them.
That was a lot better than this +water% thing they do with greedy..
I never saw anyone call the old nettle overpowered

It was good that greedys could hit twice because of low their base damage is.
Kikuihimonji|2014-04-28 09:25:54Oh and crit from a low dmg is still low dmg.


My issue with Air dolls is 60% of your base elemental% is always going to be too low. Crit for greedies is good, but sadly i never use those. Crit for inflatables will rock however^^ Now if only I could control them tongue

Neneko88|2014-04-28 15:13:31agree..with the low base damage these dolls even with crit are really weak. the base damage is what ruins them not the water % or crit, oh well we'll see.

Dolls should have a lower base dmg. They should not have a lower elemental damage% Dolls should always be able to compete for the level of content you do... using the Sadi's dmg%. The base dmg is lower to balance the added dmg they offer. What Sadida needs is the ability to keep those dolls alive so that the small base dmg they offer, adds up to being more beneficial than lone sadi.
I've seen my dolls crit today for the first time since... I don't even know how long.
Rokugatsu|2014-04-29 15:22:54I've seen my dolls crit today for the first time since... I don't even know how long.

Ok greedy crit is good but I just hope they can keep up with higher level monsters as they add l evel 150+ monsters. Doesn't feel like they will.

Need to test ultra powerful (ironic name) doll
They already can't keep up, my Greedy dies from one hit even on Shushus, so..
Fucking lame ass class, You guys are right.

They didn't even give ultra powerfuls crits

Thats some bullshit. Some serious bullshit.

I thought i would come back this update, but SIKE GROU RUINED IT AGAIN. I hate these fucking lame wanna be designers. -___________-

*rants on forever*

OK, back to quitting.
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