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Should I switch from Air/Water to Air/Earth?

By FuzzySyd - MEMBER - January 30, 2014, 02:14:30
My Sadi's been Air/Water in BC set for a while now. I enjoy the combo. The heals are nice, when I need them... but I run with an Osa that can Gobgob heal, an Eca that heals more often than I should allow and an Eni... so I rarely run into situations wherein I need to heal.

I tested out a DP set+ Empelol set combo on the test server, with 12 AP for Air/Earth. It was nice, in terms of damage and shielding... but I found the costs of the spells to not work out so well. Grasses+Grasses+Woodland+Woodland worked out nicely but Sudden Chill and Bramble ended up kind of taking a back seat. The water dolls still did what I needed them to do, when they were out. The armor was nice but it didn't seem to work as nicely as my Starry Armor stacks. I still have more tinkering to do... but overall, which combo would be better? I don't really like one more than the other.

The insane grasses damage on Voodoll was interesting but I dunno... never been huge on zomg big numbers.

Outside of Voodoll, I rarely summoned with either build... unless I really needed something surrounded. Seems to almost defeat the point of the Sadi, outside of his Voodoll use.

Also, hybrid is the only way I play. :v So no pure air or pure earth suggestions.
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I'd talk to Aqua. She seemed pleased in-game with her build. I'm positive that that is what she is using as well. Worth a shot! smile 
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I deal about 1.5k dmg. I play with dolls though

I'm pulling 550% in each branch. Those combos you mentioned are nice, but remember that all of those spells cost mp. So in total that will cost 12ap, 4mp. I use that combo though when I am up against cc toons.

Over all this build is fun, I am extremely pleased. It is still underpowered when compared to other classes with the same gear and lvl as me.

I am trying air water next. Grand Vizeiw pieces looking super sexy to me right now and the possibilities for op dmg in pvp have good potential, more so than air/earth. However, the same way air/earth loses the ability to heal, air/water loses the ability to coag. But I think air/water could be more powerful.

The new wabbit gear makes me pretty excite about sadi potential builds. I believe you just need the right gear.

Feel free to pm me with questions. 'Im not going all out on the forums because the mods allow for people to harass me on here so there is no point in trying to have a serious conversation on a thread. Anka box me sydney, Ill be more than happy to help.
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