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What's better?

By Element - MEMBER - January 25, 2014, 14:19:06
Hey, guys.

Coming into the end game content now and was going to go with Empelol and thought I haven't really done any research into this.

Which in your opinions as other Sadis which are probably at end game works best?

And the gear set which you have chosen to go with would also be an added bonus etc. Guawd etc.

Thanks, Ele.
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Earth + Water (sylargh+gauwd or gauwd + random parts) for full support aka armors and heal

Air + Earth (Empelol+DP) For crit damage build. Pretty tasty with lone sadida stacks.
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I am in love with my earth air gear. Dp yes. But you can also make it up with sage.

I wish I could go omni and heal because I really like water/earth sadi due of their heal power. But going omni is nearly impossible x.x
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Right now I'm Water/Earth but late game (120+) I'm going into Air/Earth with DP/Empelol like someone else mentioned.

That is, if I'm able to obtain some of those items first xD
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