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Not sure what to do with my Sadida (water sadida help)

By xXx-sarah-xXx - MEMBER - January 15, 2014, 00:54:34
My Sadida is around level 53 and it feels like she could be a lot stronger with a better build.

Right now I have 1 AP - rest strength

I think a better choice would be

1 AP
1 Range
1 MP
Rest in Strength or Critical Hits

Current Specialities

Lone sadida
Knowledge of Dolls
Working on Doll Seed next

Main Spells 1. Wild Grass 2. Manifold Bramble 3. Bramble
Ap goal: 10 (1x mani 1x bramble)

Right now it seems like voodoll is really weak (for earth). I mean really really useless and boring. It makes me want to drop the build altogether and switch to water sadida. It has low range, and is linear. The voodoll doesn't last long or scale at all in pvp (that could be a bug). It's also really dumb, it walks into places where I can't even reach it (usually the corner). It doesn't even make sense that it takes damage from the Sadida. It should redirect all of its damage.

It would be great if they revamped voodoll again, where it is exactly the same except it you don't have to direct your attacks at the Voodoll for the additional effects to trigger. It can still be killed if attacked, and it would give it a reason to go hide in the corner.

^This is how the effects works with water spells anyway, it would be great for earth.

For example, if you use voodoll on an enemy, and you attack the enemy with wild grass, the enemy automatically takes additional damage. But the enemy can still kill the voodoll without taking any damage themselves.

I also rarely see other sadidas using it.

It's just boring and not fun to use because of how fast it dies, how it runs away from you, it costs 4 ap, and it has low linear range.

Earth sadida also feels boring because if I don't use voodoll, then I'm just using one speciality, which is extremely powerful but takes 5 turns to stack up.

Its not that Earth Sadida is underpowered or bad, It is quite strong actually. It just feels really boring most of the time and very repetitive.

I'm thinking of switching to Water Summoner Sadida instead.

My build might go something like this then

1 AP
1 RA
1 MP
Rest in Chance

Doll seed
Knowledge of Dolls
Green Guard/Sic 'em More (not sure which is better)

As for spells, not sure at all, advice needed
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With 10 ap, you can use 2 Sadida Tears instead of 2 Wild Grass and Bramble. It will do exactly the same damage when you use Voodoll and your Voodoll will last longer since you don't need to target it directly. And Sadida Tear ignores los, so you can cast it over opponents.
However, your damage will be a lot less when you use water without Voodoll, and Sadida Tears range cannot be improved.
Also, keep in mind that Sadida Tear costs alot (5 AP) so you need 10 AP to spend all your AP on sadida tears, and you're vunerable to AP drains.
And you spend 4 AP on Voodoll, so you waste 1 Ap every time you need to summon a new Voodoll.

Earth is a bit more forgiving. You spend your first turn summoning Voodoll, which replaces your Bramble in a usual combo. Your earth spells can also drain MP, and can be used for shields instead. But yeah... It's frustrating when the Voodoll runs away from your range.

I would say that earth is superior when it comes to raw damage. You should only use Voodoll on strong enemies (those that survive many turns), and water damage is affected a lot more when you don't have Voodoll out. Pure earth is very boring, since Wild Grass and Bramble are very similar, but you can always spice up the fights by going hybrid laugh.

Good luck with your Sadida.

Edit: Oops, I didn't see the water summoner sadida part.
I haven't played a summoner in a long time, and much has changed since then.
Voodoll isn't as important for a summoner sadida, and you need to learn much about water doll AI. But it's nice when you can block enemies from attacking you with greedies, and heal with an army of Inflatables. Rust is a good spell for water summoners, since you can summon 2 Greedies with 9 AP in 1 turn, plus hurt your enemy and buff your dolls from previous turn (if you manage to hit 4-5). Vaporize is also a good spell for summoners, but it doesn't scale with levels so you don't need to level it unless you need cheap damaging spells. The Nettle buff (from Green guard and Sic'Em) are twice as effective on water dolls.
However, you'll struggle with dolls low health, so most of your AP will be spent for summoning. And too many dolls on the battlefield is annoying for team mates, since dolls tend to block everyone else on the team.
I don't know how well dolls scale with levels, since they've changed alot in the past 2 years.

Important passives for summoners:
Sic'Em and/or Green Guard
Voodoll (Max it late, for teams)
Lone Sadida (still a good passive when you can't summon)

Actually, just pick whatever you feel like as long as you get the core passives first. Whatever you do, don't get explodoll. It is a very bad passive.
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I think water/earth would be pretty interesting smile

Using these 5 spells:

Manifold Bramble
Wild Grass (probably this the most)
Tear (useful when I have 8/10 ap)
Mudoll (I already do use this a lot)

But I'll probably do this in later game when hybrid sets are more common, better or cheaper.
Its also easy to level with earth because its great in PVE.

Thanks for the advice smile 
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