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New to Wakfu. Supporting a Pandawa; advice sought.

By Manpeas January 14, 2014, 04:12:24

For better or worse, my flatmate and I have rolled a Pandawa/Sadida pairing. Mostly as I like to play summoner classes, and my flatmate, having broke her RPG teeth playing as a monk in diablo 3, thought, on appearances, that the Pandawa would have the most in common. (Yeah -- we're naive)

So... We've bumbled are way to lvl 10, squashing grubs in the sewer. And before I go spending willy-nilly the 40 points I've squirreled brambling said grubs. I thought I'd reach out to you good folk for some advice.

So far I've been, for the most part, been playing a haphazard combination of lay-down-a-doll-as-an-obstacle-and-spam-bramble an occasionally use the same bramble spell to buff my panda companion. Every once in a hole I'll cast something on the doll to mix things up, but that's about it.

Would anybody be kind enough to offer up some pointers? I like to have things do my bidding, but alongside that I want to to provide as much support a I can - be that with buffs, drawing fire, healing etc.

Thanks in advance,
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Personally i think your duo is one of my favourites (and i wish my friend would roll a panda too). Therefore here some tips and tricks for you:

1. Pandawa can throw your opponents behind the dolls - this itself allow for nice "avoid the dmg and kite" tactic.

2. You can add bramble shield to the panda and then panda might attack enemies and carry you with the last AP left (if Karchamrak maxed) so that you are safe from any harm and your panda receive minimum damage due to shield. The dolls can also help dealing dmg while you are "up there", but keep in mind that you loose dmg% that you gain from "Lone Sadida" passive if you summon dolls, so your shield will be weaker. You will simply have to choose what you think will be better.

3.Ultrapowerful with Gust spell remembered (and if you control it) will give your team nice crowd control support, wich can help you position enemies in the desired shape that would allow your panda to hit them all with its aoe spells (adviced to learn each other spell range and aoe zone).

4. You can link your pandawa friend with Voodoll and heal it at distance for 47 HP per 3AP with mudoll (level 100 base value). Also attacking enemies with Sadida's Tear while your ally is linked to voodoll will also heal him a bit.

5. Pandawa can apply dizzy levels to enemies wich reduce their resistance - you can make this even more effective with Sudden Chill.

6. You can spread Posioned Wind posion with either direct cast to enemies or with the help of ultrapowerful dolls and that togather with pandawa's ability to throw enemies, will make them loose more HP because they will propably have to use all of their MP to reach you (they will suffer per each MP moved).

7. Your panda can tank all the dmg while you either shield it or heal it. You can use Drain spell if enemy is close to panda to inflict the dmg AND heal your friend in same time. You can also cast seed next to panda and cast Drain on the seed to give nice combo that will heal it and summon the healing doll in same time (Inflatable doll).

8.Your panda friend can sometimes throw you or your dolls for better positioning while jumping itself with Dairy Springer, Barrelhop or Blisskrieg. The 5th spell of water branch can also pull targets towards the barrel (including dolls) but careful with that as this apply Dizzy levels. It might not bother you if dolls are affected by it by its adviced to tell your panda friend to not use water spells when you are within the area of effect of those spells as that will decrease your resist. Dolls with Knowledge of Dolls maxed will no longer make you loose WP permanently (careful with the enemies that drain WP, the cells that reduce WP and the critical failure effect though as those can still make you loose it).

9. You can make brambly glyph with Manifold bramble if no enemis will be hurt when you cast it - note you can place the seeds in the zone and summon Madoll dolls in same time as your create the glyph. It can be handy if your panda friend attacked the enemy and throwed it far away and if you had the turn before the enemy moves. Not that you should base your strategy on it, i am just saying its possible for some fun i suppose.

10. You can use K'mir on your panda friend and run togather with it following you. Or you can place doll that will use K'mir for you (but you need to cast vaporize to control it, keep it in mind as by default their ai is not to run away.... unless you make Lethargic doll for that, but it might not run as you think it should). Do not nettle the doll if you want it to move the target though as Nettle state will make the link fail.

11. The lethargic doll can reduce monsters AP by 1. It can be handy at low levels, especially if that 1 AP lost will make the monster unable to cast any spell (example: Asturbian Blue Larva). You can obviously make more then 1 Lethargic doll but you have to be aware of the Hyperaction that keep increasing and act as "resistance to AP reduction). Same goes for MP removal.

I recommand you to get Doll speciality to the 3AP cost first and then try to max Knowledge of dolls. It will let you summon more dolls and with 3AP cost you can already place 2 seeds per turn. After that max the Doll speciality. OR if you dont feel the need of dolls then max Lone Sadida first and just play with it.

The pandawa can also attack the seeds to turn them to Sacrificial dolls, that will move to enemy and explode. Though i would rather not rely on this most of the time as other dolls might be of better use. Pushing someone on the seed will also make it grow into sacrficial doll. Note however that as long as the Greedy and inflatable has 100% of your water dmg%, the ultrapowerful has 60% of your air dmg - the sacrificial doll has fixed number of dmg% that has nothing to do with your masteries, wich won't make it effective at higher levels.

There's more to that but i belive you can figure it out by your own. Fight different enemies and experiment with your spells and dolls.
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Wow! Thanks Kikuihimonji - very kind of you, and a wealth of information there! A lot of it went straight over my head, but I'm sure it will start to click when we get back to the grind.

I've poured my hard earned speciality points into 'doll' as you've suggested; but I'm still a bit lost on the abilities side of things. Which I should I focus on to compliment the playstyle we're aiming for?
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1.Doll (cheaper cost)
2.Knowledge of Dolls (WP refund and more dolls available)
3.Dolly Sacrifice (in case you will need to change doll or re-summon it in different cell)
4.Sic'Em More (for MP bonus to selected doll but also to increase their dmg% or improving chance to remove AP/MP).
5.Voodoll - optionally if you will find the need to link it to your panda ally for heal
6.Lone Sadida (in case you won't feel like using dolls other then voodoll). You might not need it if you always place at least 1 doll. Then again it can be useful if you want to do better shields for panda but then you won't use dolls that are overall more handy in pve. It might be worth when you will be fighting vs certain enemis such as bilby boys in Bilbiza island as dolls that deal dmg will be useless there (and also in Nun dungeon each use of WP cost you huge part of HP - oh and in milkar UB fight dolls will turn to were-dolls and became your enemies so in certain situations you simply won't be able to use them).
7.Tree (in case you will play without dolls and wont need WP for them). You might not need it if panda tank for you anyway.
8.Green guard (for Nettling dolls just like with the use of Sic'Em More but with % chance to trigger when you are hit). You might not need it if panda will carry you (if it will protect you from dmg).

Do not level:
1. Doll Link - if you link voodoll to your friend he will suffer 10% of the dmg each time you are hit. Not very cool considering that you will be linking voodoll to him to HEAL him, not to make him suffer part of the dmg for you.
2. Explodoll - you might get 1 level of it for the sake of getting ability for Sacrificial dolls to activate the seeds diagonally to the cell from wich they explode or to remove "charges" from mechanical objects such as Beacons of Cra or Armors of Feca (pvp). You can obviously max it if you wont have anything better to level, but you won't see much difference between level 1 and 20 for long as it is based on your level (at level 100 it have base power of 10 only - when maxed).
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I haven't played this game in a long time. I came here to get information so I could reactivate my account and this thread helped me a lot. Thanks for the both of you.
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