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New spells

By Shiracharm - MEMBER - January 11, 2014, 18:52:11

Which new spells do you want them to add in the future? It could be elemental or class spell.

I really want to see the "tree" spell from v2 (or from dofus) where you summon a tree on the map. It would block LOS and have special effects like if you get close to it, it has a % chance to make the target sleepy, or it could heal 2% of ally hp. Would be even more fun if we could select the tree we want to summon and have different effects.

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I agree with this, I would mostly use it as a static block. I guess it could be like the Cawwot spell where it's a static object with a small aura that does something.

There was also a cool idea somewhere else on the forums about plants that have special effects and don't take away lone sadida.

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