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Lone Sadida builds

By Moonwalkercat January 10, 2014, 18:40:40
Hi everyone. I currently play a lone earth sadida. Right now I just use 2x wild grass or 1x manifold bramble. In later game I would get 10 ap for manifold+bramble for more ranged options.

I find manifold bramble very useful for large mobs, and wild grass useful for single targets.

I've maxed lone sadida+voodoll+ and I am levelling knowledge of dolls currently. I find voodoll is expensive and situational most of the time. I'll probably find more use for it when I level up its hp through knowledge of dolls, and I will be able to take mp more often.

For characteristic points, I have 1 AP and the rest is strength.

My question is : What builds do you guys use for strength?
And is lone water sadida and lone air sadida as viable or useful? What builds do you use for these?

I think a lone sadida water/voodoll build might be a cool idea
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I used to play earth sadida and loved the 2*fertilizer or 2* manifold bramble with ap boost from xelor but now i play water style as it has really nice single target dmg, my build is:

Range, ap and mp, rest chance

Main spells sadida tear, mudoll and drain. Main dmg spell is sadida tear, 156 base dmg for 5ap so 312 each turn at lvl 200

i use voodoll on a mob (voodoll still give 150% dmg from lone sadida passive) to active tears side effect. with doll link 10% of the dmg i get is transferred to voodoll and thus the enemy. main healing spell is mudoll and drain is just for giggles.

eventually i will prob switch back to earth but in combination with this water style of fighting.
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All three builds can do considerable good damage.

Water has Tear, the strongest spell if combined with Voodoll. However, it's current slow animation makes it really boring trust me (I've been with this build for a long time).What I love from water are the healing spells though, sometimes I can heal more than an eni and already reached 600 healing with Drain in a critical when I was pure water at level 123.

Air can do some really good combos but It currently lacks versatility. Yeah, it is weird to say that about the branch that has very good mobility skills. What I mean is that the strongest spell is woodland stench, and if you use it too much you end up not moving during your turn. I have also tested some interesting combos with Kihmir and Poisoned Wind for targets that try to get in close combat, I can't remember exactly, but I think I have reached around 180-200 base air damage during a during, considering the fact the enemy uses 10 AP to attack. But still, I do not like air that much because the best spells for damage have weird range or cost MP.

Earth is really good, when you get 10 AP you can cast double wild grass with bramble, which is a very good combo. It however consumes MP, but differently from the air branch, you still have other good spells at your hand like Fertilizer if you don't want to lose MP.
I have also tested some crazy build with Earthquake leveled and it turns out to be very fun indeed but it's risky... I could reach 400-450 with quake crits at 120! I believe that might be a good combo if you have lots of earth resistance and your enemy is in the corner. It would be awesome if the effects of bramble shield remained for our current turn, so we could use this trick to do damage and not damage ourselves...

I like hybrids too, any build that goes hybrid with water specially as I like helping my mates. Water and Earth offers a very nice and useful tactic and damage (you then just use muddoll and drain and choose other 3 earth spells for damage and shielding). Water Air is also good, like I said, I do not like much the air branch because it really needs good gear to get good and overcome the weakness of range/mp cost in spells.

Whenever they touch Sadis again and give us some tweaks, better dolls, better synergy with air spells channeling (I hope we get a passive that buffs air damage if we channel spells through dolls!). Better Voodoll, explodoll, etc. I think all builds will be viable in every way, it'll then up to you if you want to choose an average damage dealer or mixture of supporter and attacker.
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I built my sadida as an earth/air user. When I fight with earth, I use 2x Wild grass and end with bramble. Multibramble is nice, but should only be maxed after your Bramble and Wild Grass. If you're going hybrid then you currently can't max more than 2 spells from each element, so your aoe will suffer.

Recommended stats:
1 to ap, 1 to mp, 1 to range and rest into damage. Don't pick crit since your damage will suffer when you fight high-resist creatures.

I agree with Niddhoggy that air isn't really worth it untill late-game since your Sudden Chill spell improves by each level and because you need high AP and high range to stack sudden chills.

I would still stick to earth untill lvl 100+ and then go hybrid, because creatures start gaining high resistances to certain elements, and being stuck with only earth can be troublesome at that point. Earth/water gear is alot cheaper and easier to get at high levels when going hybrid (there are no lvl 105-133 earth/air items except Dragon Pig set).

Good luck with your sadida.
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I would not recommand water as lone sadida unless you like doing dmg with just 1 spell (Sadida's Tear). Drain is not worth using when you solo, unless you use sidekicks for help. Mudoll is weak but since its the best self heal spell you can use - you will level it anyway. It can do nice healing via voodoll though, but you can link voodoll only to others (in contrary to Doll Link awkward description).

Rust is lame for lone sadida water, despite the fact that its your ONLY water damage dealing aoe. Its not that great for summon build either but not gonna complain here as it will derail the topic. Vaporize? Its weak. Its as strong as Sadida's Tear without voodoll... so maybe you will find it useful but i didn't personally.

Linking enemy to voodoll and casting Sadida's Tear is the best you can do as lone water build. Air/earth is propably the best build available.
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I have tried lone Sadida for all 3.

For Water you will find that grouping is much faster and you will probably rely on that instead of wasting time per turn so that by the end of the two hours playing you would have gained more from having played more battles and not boring your friends to death smile

Solo I would not recommend this unless you like struggling slighlty while leveling.

For Air I find it quite weak, even after applying higher grade armour onto a low air character and playing I found it to be the weakest of the 3 when going lone Sadida. That said I also found the damage to be slightly less but similar to an Air Osa dragon, which is not too bad.

Solo it would be ok, but I find you will get damaged way to quickly and will need to spec slightly into water for heals.

Earth is the strongest when using a Lone build I found, out of the three it's damage scaled very quickly when leveling and the shielding is nice when in a sticky situation. Both in group and Solo it is strong.

That's my very basic overview of Lone Sadida builds, in terms of stats I think it varies on your own experience and whether you will ever summon Dolls or not and if you play solo, duo or in group constantly.
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Moonwalkercat|2014-01-10 18:40:40
I've maxed lone sadida+voodoll+ and I am levelling knowledge of dolls currently. I find voodoll is expensive and situational most of the time. I'll probably find more use for it when I level up its hp through knowledge of dolls, and I will be able to take mp more often.
So it seems like the only thing build-able with Lone Sadida is the Voodoll, but for clarification, casting a Voodoll is going to end the Lone Sadida stacks, right?

Before I respec my Sadida for a doll-less build, can someone explain Lone Sadida in bit more detail? I would assume that all stacks of it disappear the turn you put a doll on the field, but will it begin reapplying if the doll dies? And in light of this, when is the best time to utilize the Voodoll? Earlier in the fight, so as to fall back on Lone Sadida afterwards, or should the Voodoll be saved as a last resort?
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Voodoll does not end Lone Sadida.
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I currently found that my favourite lone sadida build is Water/Earth with the main spells being tear and wild grass, and secondary spells being mudoll, bramble, and manifold bramble.

Tear+wild grass is a great combo until you can get 10 ap where you can tear 2x smile 
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