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Air Sadida help

By SeriousBelly January 04, 2014, 18:03:24
Does anyone know how to build a good air Sadida?

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sudden chill
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I do not play as air sadida, but i think u should invest in lone sadida and tree as your main especialities and pioritize to up the woodland stench, poisonous wind and sudden chill skills.
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A good air build is absolutely nothing with out really amazing air gear. I would try to get as much mp/range from gear so I can get more agility out of my build

There is absolutely no reason why you can not do both lone sadi and doll sadi. Sometimes you can play with lone and other times you can play with dolls.

I use one chill, two stenches with my 10ap build

Doll air sadi is optimal with twelve ap, at which point you just spam chills, and stenches after you summon two chill dolls.

Try to get mp/range from gear so you have to stat less and put more into crits and agility since quite frankly, base dmg on air sadida sucks. Crits are very important for air sadida, especially if you choose to go lone.

Other ways are to stat mp, kite around and use dolls for slow dpt. Although, air sadida range sucks so you will be dependent on doll damage or poison wind.

Good luck.
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