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Control Gear

By cbunny - MEMBER (+) - December 23, 2013, 17:07:06
Hello my fellow Sadis :*

I'm trying to work out my set for 100~120 and I'm finding it difficult to get control into the mix. Stats that are important to me are: water dmg/chance (or flat dmg), HP and heals.
Is there any gear you would recommend?
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I had the same problem as you, but i'm not full water so i got a Freezy-breezy breastplate and a M.A.R.C 2 helmet for the contorl and range. But, again, im not full water and i dont think that M.A.R.C 2 is a good option to full water sadidas.
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Thank you for the response!
Yeah, I'm pretty much at a loss. My friend organized a few set options that would work, they are just very difficult or expensive to get (like by the time I get them I'll probably be too high from grinding to use the set!) :/
I think I'll work on professions and my guild for a bit until I can create more in-game income. Maybe Ankama will fix our class and add more control gear in the new year QQ
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Wakfu has a item search option, and one of the stats you could put in is control and you would have a whole database of the control items ^^
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