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New Sadida, Build Help

By Draegun December 19, 2013, 17:08:01
Hey everyone! As the thread title says, I'm new to the Sadida and I'm actually looking for a bit of help with my build or just any tips in general. I decided that I wanted to go ahead and make my Sadida air and water, and I've got the air side of the spells figured out (Poisoned Wind, Sudden Chill, Gust). I'm mostly stuck on what spells from the water branch to go with. Also, I'm highly considering on making this character a Lone Sadida user, but of course, I'm also open to using dolls. So I guess what I'm really looking for help on is what water spells to go with or what would compliment the air spells I've chosen and whether I should go with Lone Sadida or not, and even what specialties to level up if I do or don't go that route.
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I have chosen the same route and i have picked exactly the same air spells from that branch.

As for water spells it really depends on lone sadida or summoner build. If you play with summons, like me, then you'd level Drain for sure to make heal in aoe while crating inflatable next to allies, wich is really nice combo. Mudoll is always handy for both builds, though its stronger with lone sadida. As summoner you will have to increase your water dmg% more then some certain spells if you will want to have your dolls deal decent dmg/give decent heal. Lone Sadida build is easier here. As Lone Sadida you would max Sadida's Tear togather with Voodoll speciality. Mudoll will be also more effective if you have linked it to ally instead of enemy. But thats where it ends. Aside from using sadida's tear as lone Sadida there isn't much you can do. Sure you can still heal with mudoll or drain but healing with dolls is more effective (combined heal from each doll is higher then your own heals even boosted by lone Sadida).

Lone Sadida focus more on 1 target, summoner build spread out its dmg/heal or i could say it relies on mutlitple heals/damages combined more. The summoner build might have use of Rust, though its weak comparing to Boohowl of osamodas. The lone sadida won't use rust at all. Thus the issue is that you can't swap your gameplay because you cant swap your spells experience. Vaporize is useless spell for both builds to level. Its used only to control dolls and thats about it. Lone Sadida do better as earth. Meanwhile summoner do better as air or water for heals. Thats my personal opinion on this but with dolls you can stack multiple levels of different poisons and push enemy further away, wich is handy for poison-related branch. its a shame that lone sadida stacks vanish when we use dolls.

Maybe i will make a list of spells and tell you how i feel they should be leveled:

Vaporize - never to be leveled, unless you are pure water and you think it can be good to have it aside from sadida's tear to deal some diagonal dmg that is stronger then rust, drain or mudoll for its cost.

Sadida's Tear - only for Lone Sadida's. Without dmg boost its not doing that high dmg and you'd rather make 1 more doll as summoner rather then voodoll just for that 1 spell to be effective.

Mudoll - usefull for both builds. Its not that strong when you play with dolls but hey! - its still the only healing spell that you can cast on yourself (other then Tree or dolly sacrifice).

Rust - useful only for summoners. A Lone Sadida could wonder if its worth picking it for the sake of doing aoe dmg, but in my opinion if you want aoe then go for earth build and max Manifold Bramble instead.

Drain - useful for both builds. Allow for nice combo with summoning inflatables in allies lock zone or help tanks when they are in enemies lock zone.

Woodland Stench - i'd say its better to use Gust instead of this as Gust has no LoS and pushing effect and dolls can cast it with higher range (dat cross aoe zone). Woodland Stench on dolls might allow them to hit diagonally from 4th cell while the blockers or other melee dolls are covering enemy. As Lone Sadida it just act as dmg dealing spell.

Poisoned Wind - you will want to reach 100 lvl Tetatoxin somehow. The best way is with the use of ultrapowerful dolls repeating this spell. As Lone Sadida you will waste all AP's every turn just to make it effective, wich won't let you make combo with K'mir to be fully effective, unless you will be very high level Sadida. I still think its more useful for dolls. Note: all air spells can be redireced via dolls so its just natural to use them on dolls to make them reach further away enemies. Dolls may act as range boost for air spells.

Sudden Chill - propably the only spell that every Sadida should always max no matter the build and no matter the element chosen. Even pure earth sadida should level it as it might be handy for your team to reduce enemy;s resist more then shielding ally. The stacks got reset once they reach the cap, wich is not handy in use with dolls as they will reduce the resistance and then increase it back to normal. Lone Sadida can have better control of its stacks. Do not misunderstood me though. Being able to summon 4 greedy dolls while 2 ultrapowerful dolls apply sudden chill and while you cast rust spell twice (and add to that nettle effect) would make a really awsome combo. Good luck setting this up though.

K'mir - a fairly useless spell. Its utility is highely limited since patch that made it dissapear once the casted ends its turn. You may use it if you are next to ally that is in enemy lock zone at start of your turn - wich hardly every happen from my experience. Not really effective to make ultrapowerful dolls with that spell either as enemy will most likely kill that doll and its more safe to control this doll with ranged air spells and kite enemy. The only realy fun use of this spell was in 1 fight: vs lenalds, where there are cells in map edge that teleport allies next to enemy lock zone - summoning ultrapowerful doll with K'mir remembered on these cells will alow you to summon the doll next to enemy and then fully use doll's MP to move enemy away thanks to K'mir. Then again its like 0.01% of game content if not less. Not worth leveling as most of the time you don't want enemy in your lock zone and casting it on allies won't hurt them. Its as effective at level 0 as at level 200. You might level it if you think ultrapowerful doll will do fine with this spell.

Gust - propably the most useful skill, that doesn't need to be leveled up but all Sadidas use it, so why not leveling it and inflict some dmg while pushing enemy? I'd call this spell as hax because it allow ultrapwoerful to hit with no LoS and with no los keep stacking Intoxicated. It makes it impossible for enemy to get rid of the intoxicated state.

Bramble - the earth sadida- lone sadida build-only spell. Other Sadida's won't use it for anything else then making Blocker doll at distance.

Fertilizer - similar as Bramble though with different range and cost. If you plan to be half earth half... something else you might eventually use it for some MP steal every other turn bu tusually Gust is enough to keep enemy away.

Wild Grass - i think this spell could be leveled by some multiple element builds. Its giving nice armor for the cost, especially if you dont mind that 1 mp. Can be used well with Bramble spell in 10AP build (lone sadida). I was thinking to make water/earth sadida with this spell maxed to use dolls and shield myself. Its not that effective though.

Earthquake - summoner only spell - seems awkward but recently only summoners use this spell and only in pvp. The reason is to keep this spell as weak as possible (not leveled) for the sake of hurting self and triggering Nettle from Green Guard passive. This spell has awkward range to be used effectively and the "area in front of sadida" give mroe difficulties then helps. Sadida would need to be in front line and still would need to be lucky to hit enemies instead of empty cells. To sum up - this spell need revamp and the only good use of it is for the nettle atm. Do not evert level it unless you feel like it would be fun to kill allies when you risk.

Manifold Bramble - effective for lone sadidas especially with 12 ap build - can be spammed on many monsters in the zone for faster leveling up. Summoner sadida might still level it for the Bed of Spikes effect. Placing 2 seeds and casting Manifold Bramble on them will make Bed of Spikes and summon 2 madoll dolls, wich also reduce MP. Its the only useful combo, sadly it also increases Hypermovement too fast and you will rather use it like that only once in whole fight...
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Thanks a ton for the help! Seriously, this really does help me quite a bit.
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If you have air spells at your disposal, the only reason I'd see to go hybrid with water is that you can heal, so I'd choose Mudoll and Drain. I'd replace Poisoned Wind by Woodland Stench now, because Wind is currently extremely weak and ineffective in most situations

Just one thing, if you think of going summon build the best thing would be for you to go 100% one element. I am currently a pure water/healing Sadida and I can get a lot of water damage without lone Sadi. Sometimes when I decide to play with dolls though, my inflatables can still heal a lot of HP and my Tear's damage is still consistent, I can even crit with rust for 400-450 damage without lone sadi smile
Hybrid builds are better supported by lone sadi builds, unfortunately not doll builds.
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