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Questions for new Sadi

By PannaCotta December 15, 2013, 17:39:41
Hello I'm new for Sadi but I think I will create one, and I think about going water/earth for summon/support build. I have tried it for a little and after browsing in this forum, I have some questions regarding my build.

First of all, I have known that there was a revamp for this class but I don't know if the information I got are new or not.

1. Now water damage effect my Greedy/Inflatable damage/heal. So the best way to maximize their capability is to maxing my water damage as much as I can, right??

2. Is it possible to max Lone Sadida along with other doll skills?? I feel that sometimes there are situation where I shouldn't summon my doll but support my party members so that my heal/bramble armor will benefit from Lone Sadida.

3. My attribute plan is 1 ap, 1 range (and maybe 1 mp??) and I don't know where to put the rest. I have read that Sadida should put many points into HP but I think that now the dolls get low percentage of HP (17% for Greedy) so 100 points I put into HP will increase Greedy's HP around 17 and I see that do not make any different. And 100 (99) points into chance gives around 16% water damage/resist. So I have a question, is Sadida gain benefit from kit skill?? 100 points in kit skill allow you to equip gears 10 levels above you, and that gears will have more attribute than that of your level (I mean some HP, damage and resist) but it's only my opinion though.

And that are the questions I can think of now. I know that some people said that Sadi are useless now but I think this class has potential as it has versatile roles so you can adjust it to any situation. But the main point is that the dolls are so cute : P
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Welcome to the struggle, my friend.
It's hard to get sadida right, but it's definitely possible.
I'm not sure if water affects your greedy damage, but for a doll build you want both water damage and CMC damage, because you're rarely going to be laying back and watching your dolls kill everything. (That low HP and all.)

Yes, you certainly want to max Lone along with the other skills.
A. this is because you need the damage/power/heals sometimes.
B. this is because sometimes you need to be powerful without having a million little annoying bastards running all over the field. Because I promise you: in Lunar dungeon, for example, you don't want a bunch of horrible-AI greedies running all over.
C. this is because you need more versatility.
So overall, max lone every time.

For stats:
You want 1ap and 1mp. Range you might be able to get from gear, but if you're really set on statting one you could try it and see what happens.
I'd say stat the rest into chance/agi/whatever elemental attribute, but don't do hp or kit skill.
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1. Yes the best way is to increase your own water dmg%.

2. Its not effective if you get used to dolls play with dolls. Thats what i'd say. Water is too weak to be effective without dolls. Lone Sadida as water can only play with Voodoll and that only make it focus on 1 target, wich is, to be honest, lame in the dungeons where many monsters are roaming. Even in lunar dungeon it is better for you to use dolls, however you will need to control them every turn or make blockers instead of the greedies, wich can be handy, even if you are water sadida. Blocking the way for enemy is the best Sadida can do, and holding it in place is second thing. Lone Sadida can be handy if you will want to kill fast lower level monsters for either drop or some easier exp. If you want Lone Sadida then you'd better go earth or air and forget about dolls. It's sad but lone sadida simply does not work well with dolls. You may choose to level it but keep in mind that you will have to decide at start of the fight if you will use dolls or not. Swaping in the middle of the fight from dolls to lone or from lone to dolls is too much time consuming to be rewarding. Though obviously you might play as lone and suddenly make some blocker dolls if you realise it will be better then shielding ally with brambly armor (example). You will loose all lone sadia dmg% bonus though and you will have to wait 5 more turns if you will try to get lone sadida to max potential again... Wich is one of the reasons people complain about the revamp.

3. Kit skill only let you equip higher level sets. If you don't have any set of higher level that you could equip - don't pick kit skill. It might be handy to get it on 100+ levels, where you are stuck for longer with your level and meanwhile you might get something better but of higher level. I think a lot of people are using kit skill at higher level, for the sake of wabbit gear for example. And i think at some point you will eventually get it yourself anyway. Fear not: you can always respec once you hit level cap (with the quest).

4.Range is good option to choose especially that you might often be unable to move from enemy and have enough AP/MP left to do your stuff. Being able to summon doll from 6 cell range diagonally is for sure handy, espeically in group. even if you get range bonus from gear - you can never get enough range. Also note that each range point increase the distance needed between you and enemy that you may want to link voodoll with. 1 Range bonus will be esential with maxed voodoll for example in Black Crow fight. If you will rely on gar with range to get voodoll to 2~5 range, then you might loose precious resistance to air/water needed in that fight or you might even loose set bonus of AP for that range, wich might not be good trade off. Range bonus from stats is safe choice.

5.Stacking HP after revamp is pointless... sadly. As you've noticed the cruel fact that 100 points invested in HP will only give Greedy 17 HP, wich indeed won't make a difference for that doll survival. Ankama should really improve doll's HP.... Still if you have some leftover stats then you might choose to either pick each STR/CHA/AGI/INT for the sake of resistance bonus to all of them. You might also pick 2ndAP bonus if you will aim for 12 ap build. Or you might spend them in initiative bonus, so that you won't have to pick the bugged +50% summon dmg bonus and get your enemy's bonus instead. Higher initiative might also let you start turn first, wich is esential in pvp as your enemies will usually deal high dmg to your from the very first turn so its better to set up before they have turn. You might obviously stack all remaining points in Chance, wich should improve your dolls effectiveness (greedy and inflatable) but that can be good if you decide to be pure water sadida. You might obviously divide points between 2 elements but i think that you should then foget about AP bonus to get more dmg% in both of the elements. For sure you won't need any dodge, nor lock. Blockers can lock for you and Gust can make you avoid lock/dodge roll when you want to escape from enemy.
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Thanks for the answers.

So I should put my points into 1 ap (or 2 for 12 ap build), 1 mp and 1 range, right??

And I've also heard that CMC damage now is kind of bug which do not increase doll damage. I'm not sure if it is fixed or not.

As for initiative. I wonder where in the turn order should Sadi be in the party?? I mean first, second or so on...
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Is best if Sadida is first so it can set up brambly armors or so that it can summon voodoll to enemy before the enemy got covered by some iop's body. Being able to summon dolls in order to stop 1 or 2 monsters to reach your allies before the ally got chance to move is also nice support.

However the Xelor or Rogue will often start turn before you due to their passives. Its not bad to make them start before you either as they might give you AP or place fire wall so that you may see where to not summon dolls to not get them burned.

Sadida can however play as the last one too. This would let it to fix the positioning with Gust or heal allies up. So in fact it doesn't really matter if you are first or last or somewhere in the middle - you can adapt to the situation present.

CMC does affect dolls. However the bonus "+summon dmg%" that we get from initiative bonus will make the doll bugged if you will summon it from seed in the same turn (it will not add dmg% to it but will apply the state "summon dmg% increase", wich will be removed in the next turn making your doll loose the dmg% instead - you will have to avoid summoning dolls in that turn if you get this bonus or you will have to re-summon them again in the following turn to fix their dmg%).

Aim for 10AP or 12AP build. I don't see the need in MP as Sadida doesn't need to move much. Unles you want to heal self with MP from Tree but its only 7 base heal per MP, so kinda not worth the cost. But some say better this then nothing. Anyway its up to you if you add MP or not. I didn't and i am doing fine so far. You might get even 2MP from higher level gear and 5MP is enough already.
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